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  1. Did something go wrong with the maintenance or why can't i buy a single flux from the flux merchant in Sanctum? I have never seen that really every flux is sold out there, so i think it's unlikely that he is really sold out. And when will he get restocked? 9 am reset is over and he is still sold out.
  2. What about the daily server lag Issue? Will it be fixed? Paying Players are wasting 1 hour of playtime because your servers are not working as they should...
  3. oh please... 40+ min to login again gg will it be fixed before it takes 3 hours?
  4. Please do something about it. It can't be that you can't play the game properly for 5-30 minutes a day because the server is lagging for so long that nothing works. Today you couldn't even log in for about 30 minutes ... @Kibbelz
  5. data.pak file is located in \NCSOFT\AionClassic\AION_CLASSIC\l10n\ENU\Data Idk how to explain, but it contains important things like e.g. english texts etc. If you would delete that file, your game would only show korean language. NC Soft added the chat filter to that file and because .pak files are not easy to modify, the only way i know is to replace that file by an older version of it, when the filter was still working. So even if you take your aionfilterline.dat file, which was easy to modify with notepad, nothing will change because the game client works with the file in th
  6. You will need an older version of data.pak file to modify your chat filters. NC Soft added their own filter to the pak data so that you cant modify it when you use the latest one.
  7. I just noticed the last two days that there is a huge server lag at 9 am when dailies reset. First time i tried to buy something from broker and nothing happend. Then i talked again to the broker shugo but he only showed no results when i searched an item. Then i tried relog and stuck in the character creation screen for a few minutes (approx. 5 mins), after that everything worked fine again. Today i realized that lag too when i was leveling my warrior in poeta and looted the mobs, looked in my inventory to equip new items and there were no new items. After 5 min they spawned in my invent
  8. That's not a bug, you need Siels Aura to gather.
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