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  1. He jugado con el clérigo, tanto en el servidor ruso como en los Eu. En el nerfean ruso los dos y en eu su dps es uno de los mejores en el juego. no entiendo nada
  2. Aion September Preview

    This is false, it shows that he has not played in the EU
  3. It will seem more dibertido to you. For the funniest class in dps is the cleric and then the sm
  4. I speak of dps, the endurance I do not care. According to what they told me in 6.2, they have improved the most in damage, activated many skills and chained others.
  5. Truth about 6.0

    I do not think so at all, with that money I buy scroll for 8 characters now, I can assure you
  6. Truth about 6.0

    ¿Crees que es barato 65k?
  7. Truth about 6.0

    You speak without having any idea, before 6.0 you could do anything without transforming yourself into anything, the change in the statistics was insignificant, now if you do not transform you will be completely a turtle. And I've never liked to have the appearance of an animal, for something there are skin ... And now if you do not want to pretend to be an animal you'll have to spend money on it. I think it's an authentic nyerk
  8. The sorcer has a huge damage, can silence, can sleep, stun, evade ... also want it to have more resistance? I really surrealist everything Does anyone know what the dps of the chanter is in 6.0?
  9. Truth about 6.0

    In my opinion, the transformations are completely redundant, having to be an animal in order to have basic statistics ... It is the most absurd thing in the world. They no longer know what to invent, they should not touch the scrolls
  10. Provenance and sunayaka.

    ¿Puede alguien explicar por qué el arma provenance para encantarlo a más de +15 le da un pvp adicional y Sunayaka sin embargo le da un bonus pve? Si ambos están hechos para el pvp ...
  11. 😂😂😂😂I think the same as you
  12. Therefore, I do not know why this annoying cherrycat, it is a well known p2w, you must have the money to have all your game +30, you can easily mount a vintage master accessories + 10 when you want
  13. Aion September Preview

    Revenge of kromede is a rubbish nyerk
  14. The Alchemy Event Instances and Rewards List

    He has not said enough in a long time, there are 4 players with the same players who have always brought something new, you have never seen how this kind of events used to be before. This game is really dead and people like you make it so