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  1. That is not true, in aion Europe last all transformations the same, about 7 minutes, far from it.
  2. Vacation of what? You have not worked at all, you have been on vacation all year, it is a pity that you have dared to write this shit.
  3. The idiots who say that the game is not dead, do they really play it? There's always an idiot defending shit.
  4. These are the wrong words, aion eu before It was worse, but right now it's much better than aion na, but in absolutely everything, events, prices, playability, number of people, gifts ...
  5. These people what they want is that we spend our money is the shits that they sell in their store, with those exorbitant prices, if you think that this way you will also make a gold with us, wait seated
  6. Meanwhile in aion eu are the events of snowflakes and others
  7. So much time without event and they bring us this crap event, a pvp event where they know very well that Asmodians have to lose because we are much less characters
  8. It is an embarrassment in what has become na, even game forge are being more generous with the players, they are giving many more facilities in the store, in the events and in the prices. They do listen to their players
  9. I could not give two or three reasons why people leave this game, because they are so many, I do not know who the idea was, but this patch is a terrible bad decision. The only good thing I have seen in the change, have been the new skills, otherwise everything is garbage, the economy, the tradeo, the broker's tax, the price of the coins, the transformations, the skins, the events, the change of moon rewards ... All a reverend shit
  10. What do you call a lot of kinas? 20 million? LOL
  11. This patch is a failure, it's very boring and there's really no help at all
  12. He jugado con el clérigo, tanto en el servidor ruso como en los Eu. En el nerfean ruso los dos y en eu su dps es uno de los mejores en el juego. no entiendo nada
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