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  1. luego lo otro y lo otro. Realmente es casi una burla o una falta de respeto a los usuarios, lo que deja esto en evidencia ... Desinterés..? Mala organización ..? Usted dice, son los usuarios y quienes mantienen este juego poblado y activo a pesar de (más y más errores).And above all you say fewer events than before, knowing how difficult all this change is for all of us. Not necessarily have to give a thousand things at events, but to make the entire community can participate and get a small benefit whatever.
  2. I'm just going to briefly mention this because it's already in the past, so it does not make sense to do a big business, but it's not possible that you've chosen a worse way to announce a new server. Not only did you not publish it before the launch, but you also openly denied the possibility of a new server. I understand that this was a last minute decision, but if that was the case, then you should have delayed the date, just amazing how badly you handled it. THIS IS REALLY BAD, INCREDIBLE BECAUSE A NEW SERVER DOES NOT RAISE ONE DAY FOR ANOTHER AND IS NOT PUBLISHED AS HIGHLIGHTED THE OP
  3. The truth should have already informed us only a week of the update seems very bad to me of the team of the aion that this happens. We need to know by right and by logic. Bryos-DN You are right but you will understand that Lenalyn-DN is right
  4. A few days of the update we still do not have a report with the exchanges like omegas, tempering solution and other articles but without counting that we received the last update. I think we should be given that information as soon as we are many who are looking forward to it. @Cyan
  5. And of those three for PVP which would be the best?
  6. @Cyancan we know exactly what type of All Boosts you make references to all ..?
  7. Here you will find the solution to your problem, be sure to read a bit in the forum before
  8. Hello everyone, after the update of this last Tuesday I could not download the patch and decided to uninstall and re-download the game but I get this error and I do not know what to do. If anyone knows or suggests something, I'll thank you
  9. Hola a todos, despues de la actualizacion de este ultimo martes no lograba descargar el parche y decidi desinstalar y volver a descargar el juego pero me sale este error y no se que hacer. Si alguno sabe o me sugiere algo se lo agradecere
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