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  1. What is this?

  2. Favorite Patch?

    Coincido.. The best time....
  3. luego lo otro y lo otro. Realmente es casi una burla o una falta de respeto a los usuarios, lo que deja esto en evidencia ... Desinterés..? Mala organización ..? Usted dice, son los usuarios y quienes mantienen este juego poblado y activo a pesar de (más y más errores).And above all you say fewer events than before, knowing how difficult all this change is for all of us. Not necessarily have to give a thousand things at events, but to make the entire community can participate and get a small benefit whatever.
  4. A plea to NCWest...

    I'm just going to briefly mention this because it's already in the past, so it does not make sense to do a big business, but it's not possible that you've chosen a worse way to announce a new server. Not only did you not publish it before the launch, but you also openly denied the possibility of a new server. I understand that this was a last minute decision, but if that was the case, then you should have delayed the date, just amazing how badly you handled it. THIS IS REALLY BAD, INCREDIBLE BECAUSE A NEW SERVER DOES NOT RAISE ONE DAY FOR ANOTHER AND IS NOT PUBLISHED AS HIGHLIGHTED THE OPENING OF THIS NEW SERVER. WE FEEL DEFEATED I BELIEVE MOST PLAYERS WHO RETURNED AND HAVE INVESTED FOR A LONG TIME THINKING REALLY IN A NEW BEGINNING; THE MAPS ARE NOT BAD BUT THE ECONOMY; THE EXCHANGE RATES AND OTHER THINGS THAT WE ALREADY KNOW IS LEAVING US OUT OF THE GAME ................
  5. Are we going to get the rates for item exchange?

    The truth should have already informed us only a week of the update seems very bad to me of the team of the aion that this happens. We need to know by right and by logic. Bryos-DN You are right but you will understand that Lenalyn-DN is right
  6. A few days of the update we still do not have a report with the exchanges like omegas, tempering solution and other articles but without counting that we received the last update. I think we should be given that information as soon as we are many who are looking forward to it. @Cyan
  7. class to start 6.2

    And of those three for PVP which would be the best?
  8. Aion October Preview

    @Cyancan we know exactly what type of All Boosts you make references to all ..?
  9. I have problems to pass 99%

    Here you will find the solution to your problem, be sure to read a bit in the forum before
  10. Hello everyone, after the update of this last Tuesday I could not download the patch and decided to uninstall and re-download the game but I get this error and I do not know what to do. If anyone knows or suggests something, I'll thank you
  11. Hola a todos, despues de la actualizacion de este ultimo martes no lograba descargar el parche y decidi desinstalar y volver a descargar el juego pero me sale este error y no se que hacer. Si alguno sabe o me sugiere algo se lo agradecere