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  1. @Cyan will the Aion's Chosen title be making a comeback onto the BCM at some point? I'd like to buy it for an alt im starting to play more often
  2. Is it just me or is the spawn rate of the other shulacks ridiculously low in BoS and FM?? Ive literally only ever seen the gold shugo ONCE, and ive seen the regular smuggler shukirukin like max twice and ofc he never dropped anything and none of these spawns has ever happened while i was soloing BoS. Also the price of the daevanion skill box in gold ingot is ridiculous, it'd be nicer if it was dropped to 100 ingots or even 75 ingots, 200 ingots is just insane or can we just get the 6.5 daeva skill box craft from aetherforge early please thanks @Cyan @Hime
  3. @Kailor-DN incorrect, they have the same stats now at end game the only benefit of book v orb is if u want to weave off resists with book auto otherwise it does not matter, use what u like aesthetically
  4. is that actually confirmed? cos in the patch notes its never specified that the other shugos dont spawn in coe. i imagine that the legendary shugo just has a much lower spawn rate in coe compared to the other instances
  5. you realize that most gear doesnt have heal boost on it til you actually retune for it so in cases of being in ultimate gear for example (this include the ultimate genesis crystal accessories+wings) you can very very easily reach 1k+ healboost with benevolence. in cases of pve whether its ancient legendary or ultimate you just need to retune for the heal boost as well as factor in power shards but u need to grind for those for right now. as a cleric you really shouldnt be having mana problems if your rotating amp blessed shield and pots properly.
  6. @Cyan cyan are you able to give any word on when more costumes will be added to the gold sand shop costume tab i really want delegate outfit T_T (im lowkey hoping sometime this month)
  7. is there any word on when these will come back????
  8. yes when are name change tickets and easier access to transparent scrolls going to be implemented? transparent scrolls could be put on aetherforging for all i care just soMETHing
  9. like i really wanna buy a name change for my sorc mannnn. and like mounts and stuff
  10. so in the patch notes it says "Prestige Quests have been renewed. Visit Shugorobo to check them out." i bought the prestige pass yesterday but i cant find shugorobo anywhere?? ive checked beluslan, pande, enshar, lakrum and the only prestige npc i see is Buffotron and the vending machine and neither of those have quests available such as the monthly one or the weekly reps help pls q.q @Cyan @Hime
  11. thats not what i meant, i meant if i have 2 +8 master harvester earrings would i get 1 box per earring
  12. @Cyan for the exchange we will get multiple boxes of right? so if for example i have 2 master harv earrings at +8 i get two boxes etc yes? also does the gear have to be in inventory before we get the exchange or can it be equipped
  13. Baedarinerk and Pupurunerk but in all seriousness, maybe Garnon and Baia :DDD
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