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  1. e02018 cannot download file animations_002.pak.zip

    Haha well we appreciate you girly! Keep your chin up and keep moving forward! You got this!
  2. e02018 cannot download file animations_002.pak.zip

    And notice sent. I'm not sure if they are rewarding you for your service and support of fellow players or not Cheesecake, but they really should be. I have seen you actively helping others in MANY threads on the forums and really do appreciate that. You and folks like you are probably one of the main reasons that people are able to actually get help in this game. Keep up the good and selfless work and know that you are appreciated greatly. @Cheesecake-DN #YouAreAwesomesauce
  3. e02018 cannot download file animations_002.pak.zip

    Hey friend, your character name is messed up because I'm guessing there was a server merger in which case when you log in there will be a name change ticket in your inventory to give your toon a new name. instead of using the npc folder, download the objects folder that cheesecake gave and it should be fine. good luck and sorry if this is redundant and already answered for you also @Cheesecake-DN, you are apparently more useful than the tech support team. they need to be paying you for this or at least giving you like GM perks or something haha. I'm going to mention in my message to them about how MUCH MUCH MORE helpful you were than they are. Especially since they STILL HAVE NOT RESPONDED AND YOU WERE ABLE TO HELP ME ON THE SIDE WHILE WORKING. Again thanks cheesecake and you are the best!
  4. e02018 cannot download file animations_002.pak.zip

    Haha thanks! Although I'm going to feel like a total noob all over again trying to learn all the changes haha. Ill probably have to create and level up a new toon just to learn it all! thanks again
  5. e02018 cannot download file animations_002.pak.zip

    ok @Cheesecake-DN so after having fallen asleep waiting for this stuff haha (blasted toaster oven), I finally got the objects folder unzipped and replaced in Aion folder. its seems to have done the trick. I'm now waiting for the stages to finish up. Thank you very very much for all the help! you are the best cheesecake! <3
  6. e02018 cannot download file animations_002.pak.zip

    lol @Cyan any suggestions??? it is a bloody shame that we can no longer call and actually talk to tech support on the phone with NcSoft have been playing aion off and on since beta. was a lot better years ago when you could actually contact them directly
  7. e02018 cannot download file animations_002.pak.zip

    yes that is the correct path pertaining to where I went. the other is a pile of lies as you said haha. unfortunately it did nto work. I even tried extracting the npc file to desktop and manually moving the femaleshugo file contained within to replace the one in the main folder. no luck. Hopefully when this other objects folder finishes downloading, it will work. X_X
  8. e02018 cannot download file animations_002.pak.zip

    Ok cheese cake, I went ahead and downloaded this one first. I deleted the npc folder inside objects and then extracted the npc folder you sent me directly to objects folder. Unfortunately this did not fix the issue and I'm still receiving the error. I'm going to start the larger 12gig download now and wait for it. I really wish ncsoft support was as good with responding to rpoblems as you are. I hope that replacing the entire objects folder will solve it. If you have any other ideas, please let me know thanks!
  9. e02018 cannot download file animations_002.pak.zip

    haha I need a new potato because this lemon and toaster oven combo is killing me haha
  10. e02018 cannot download file animations_002.pak.zip

    Sure give me a bit of time and I will let you know what happens! My toaster oven (AKA ISP) tends to be a pain in the arse but I will get it all in as quick as I can
  11. e02018 cannot download file animations_002.pak.zip

    Cheesecale you are the best I will try that now thank you! <3 It may take me a while to download and attempt but I will let you know if this fixes the problem. Again, thanks so much for the help!
  12. e02018 cannot download file animations_002.pak.zip

    hello @cheesecake! I need your Aion God-like assistance! I have attempted to reinstall aion and rejoin the community but during the install/patching, I too unfortunately ran into this E02018 error except mine is for the file Zip/objects/npc/shugofemale/shugofemale_Textures.pak.zip:PI1229:PL16777216. I have attempted to find a solution and tried quite a few things. have also made a ticket although they have not had time to get back to me on this issue as of yet. If you would be so kind, please advise on what I can do to fix this issue. The game is all but complete with install and patching except for this file. Having nerd rage against my system right now. Help meh plz! thank you!