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  1. YEAH AH you guys need to fix that big time.. the main quest should be a solo quest or at lease give the option to do it solo or group.
  2. ok we all know that aion is pvp driven but i believe the world outside the group instance should be a solo adventure to focus on self development like a regular rpg game most people are use to the idea of the individual experience and self improvement .to ensure that everybody play all of the different version of aion [patch to patch] all the map instances should give the players the option to do a solo or group run .and the field elites monsters should drop 100% rare crafting items .NCSOFT needs to reward its customers the tradicional way of rpgs... the old ways are still good guys
  3. just an idea.. it would be cool to attack another player when they are in the air stream or just in the air by pressing spacebar and automatically dashing to them like a hawk and grabbing them like a hold and knocking them to the ground and the opposing player would have the choice to press spacebar at a certain time before hitting the ground stopping him/her from losing any hp or block an incoming air dash attack by pressing spacebar at a certain time of the approach attack.
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