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  1. Yep, seems fair and balanced luna is premium currency, i was talking about like we could with old scrolls
  2. Reducing the prices is a good start, since we cant craft these transformations right? so different from the old speed crolls you need to spent money on it, and thats totally bs thats not how it works, its not an option, we have to use it because they took the old speed scrolls from us, we dont have other choices and it feels like they made the classes attack and run slower than previous patches to force us to use this garbage system
  3. What are the chances for ncsoft to change this system?
  4. Doesnt that already happen with this transformations? I suggest that fix so we dont HAVE to use this garbage system
  5. Good that im not the only one here that hate it
  6. I hate it so much, and i hate it even more because i need to use it or my character move and attack so slow, why change the scrolls it was working just fine? I want to look at my cool looking armor and not to the barney costume, i cant take this game seriously anymore because where i look i see a furry convention, why just dont boost the base moviment and attack speed so we dont have to rely on this garbage to play? What a turn off when im watching a cutscene and i see a polar bear costume among the fully equiped asmodian army, i know a really simple fix, add a passive skill to all classes th
  7. Ty for the info, i didnt knew that
  8. This is my very first post on this forum i couldnt post on "http://forums.na.aiononline.com" for some reasons it says i dont have permission and i dont know if this forum here is official or not but im posting here anyway, i love this game since back in 2009 and ive always hated all shoulderpads in this game, they're huge, it clipped through my character and its just ugly in general (personal taste here) my only sugestion is to make an option to hide shoulderpads in the options like helmets
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