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  1. coolcool where are the hair tickets QQ
  2. We talked about this on the Discord channel. A2 was labeled as a PC game. Aion Tempest is a mobile game.
  3. I agree, it should definitely be bigger. Blade and Soul preview is huge and you can easily see details, which is made by the NCsoft so why don't we have that? Plus! Some outfit affects can't be seen in the preview.
  4. wowowowowowow you really are the whole deal, huh? Wild.
  5. Look out guys, Rick here is gonna sanction everyone in this thread! We gotta protest properly! Go fly to your local NCsoft headquarters and break out your picket signs.
  6. Am I the only one that actually wants these as skins? I know it might be easier to get a plastic surgery ticket than the hairstyle tickets, but i prefer to be able to quickly change how my hair looks or pass it among alts, or even sell it when I need kinah fast rather than buy a plastic surgery ticket and have it permanently on that character.
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