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  1. Selling classic skins on shop?

    To whom it may concern, There is very little to no diversity in-game, because of the lack of skins. I'd like to suggest you guys bringing back some old skins on the BCM. There are very few outfits and skins on the BCM; however if you were to re-release some older ones, I would consider buying them.
  2. Hello. My game screen will randomly go black (with ncsoft logo) when I am in combat, as a chanter. I have the following specs Dell XPS 9100 Intel i7 XFX Radeon 560 RX 8gb ram
  3. BM PVP gear from Katalam

    I have a level 68/69 cleric running on the BM gear from Katalam. I am wondering if I should just stick with what I have now, or buy a temporary set from the broker. Thoughts?
  4. Daevanion Quests gone?

    Hey guys, Thanks for the clarification. I remember these skins being very expensive at the broker. Just trying to make some Kinah, nah mean? Or, maybe I will keep the skins for myself and not look like evryone else!
  5. Daevanion Quests gone?

    Just hit lvl 30 on some of my characters (grinded through, without doing campaigns). Neither the Eltnen nor Sanctum NPC's give me the lvl 30 Daevanion Quests. Are those gone, or do I need to accomplish campaigns to unlock them?
  6. Hey all! I havent played since the Katalam days, but I just re-installed and have been trying to figure out what in the world happened. I would like to know what is the standard gear to get (preferably eternals; i can't do much instances because i work full-time now). The last thing i was doing prior to quitting was harvesting blood marks from camps, to get the pvp eternal gear. Following questions: 1) Where can I harvest blood marks, now? Ceramium coins? 2) Are there weekly/daily BM/CC quests that don't involve straight PVP (like in the Katalam days)? 3) Are Kahrun symbols still a thing? FYI I'm a casual player so I am not familiar with acronyms. Help me out. Thanks!