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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 17, 2019

    "An issue preventing the editing of housing scripts will be fixed." Wow might be worth coming back (logs in)
  2. I'm not getting the pink quests on my new toon. Not mount or motion etc. Figure that's a bug too
  3. 1st post in 6.2

    ok I'll be a good girl and keep on waiting
  4. 1st post in 6.2

    @Cyan help! We're bored and anxious!
  5. New System – Daevanion Skills

    you can also get using the almighty $$$
  6. Luna isn't the same as it is now. In other words, no skins. The thing closest to skins are the mounts that last a few days.
  7. This. We craft those, buy those, use those more than the 1 hour scrolls. It's better in pvp especially when facing a class that removes them. What will happen to the regular scrolls?

    We just quit after realizing how bad the game is now compared to when we started playing.
  9. master harvester weapon box chanter shield

    @Cyan This has been a struggle for awhile. For example the AP gear. Cleric gets a shield but not a chanter. We chanters have to look for other ways to get an appropriate shield we can use when supporting groups. If we do get the Master Harvester shield, where do I sign up? Will a ticket do?
  10. Our precious mail

    @Cyan I've heard that all mail will be deleted in the coming patch and would like to know if this is true. What will happen to the items/letters. For a few of us, these hold special memories and would be a bummer if they all got deleted. Will we keep everything? Or lose all? Please let us know! Thanks
  11. Can we talk about the stigma enchanting nerf?

    you got VERY lucky. I have yet to get my stigma to what it was. +7 lol. It keeps failing 4-5.
  12. Is it just me or the odds are even worse than when there is no buff? I didn't fail as much without it. This game is so good at breaking our hearts (and wallets). People tell me to quit. I can see why. The game isn't what it used to be. Fun.
  13. EU is saying goodbye to 5.8. Welcomes 6.0

    This! Don't care about your petty drama but nothing is more true than this. Big wallets usually have big mouths.