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  1. that's not business :)) that's more like a scam what you are describing lol. Business would be if they would offer to their customers a product based on customer needs, and charge accordingly. Nothing NC sells at this moment is based on what customers want or need, so that's no business. They had an amazing product, and in the last couple of months they managed to destroy it. At this point, looking on how things are going, 7.0 will never reach NA or EU. I actually doubt 6.5 will come out.
  2. Well... NCsoft full of smart people... This patch is soooo good that my playtime went down from 4-6 hours a day to 1 hour every 1/2 days(only for siege mostly). this month i will end my prestige too. No more money from me for this game. I refuse to pay for bad content and bad treatment from a company like NCSoft. See you tmr at lakrum siege, maybe... Mire out!
  3. well, i'm pretty sure they will end the pc games in the next few years, and focus on mobile only. Meanwhile, why not milk all they can with the minimum effort? This is the strategy for every company when they decide to terminate a project. Keep it going with a minimal investment, until project is not profitable anymore, then close it.
  4. Well, NC doesn't have time for NA, do you really think anyone in NC tried to fix anything we complained about? Considering they have just released 7.0 in KR? I'm 100% sure they didn't. It's not like NC was ever interested in NA and EU markets. Maybe they cared for the first 6 months or so after they released the game for us from west. So don't be surprised they didn't fixed anything we pointed out so far, because they didn't even try to do so. It's plain and simple, and unfortunately there is nothing Cyan or Hime or anyone at NCWest can do about it. It sucks, but that's the reality.
  5. This patch was never about old aion imo. Never in the entire Aion history players received compensation. NEVER! this is not the first major patch. We had them before. They never handed out compensation gear. Compensation gear destroyed the entire PVP in this game. And here is some more bad news for you guys. You know how it was said that Winged champion is only second best gear in game, and that THE BEST GEAR will be a new one blah blah. Well i'm sorry to say but the difference between them is sooooooooo little. The reality is that Ultimate Genesis is only a little bit better then Winged C
  6. "If the client is closed in a fashion that makes the client feel unhappy" @Cyan you are hilarious LMAO. You should be NCWest Employee of the month and year Keep up the good work man, you are the best! Lot's of Love
  7. I don't understand why you upset. I would love to have everything you have LMAO. You know how much kinah you can make with those cabinets (not that you need it LOL)? Not to mention the Omegas and Tempering that can actually be traded nowdays. 10 Billion? You have more kinah then an entire "middle grade" legion (middle grade as in legion mostly made up of returning or new players), probably more then a few more established legions as well. Just saying... I understand some things are gone and are missed but... to me, your post seems more like a show off then an actual complaint. Just an opinion,
  8. My advice? Try it out. What other people consider garbage might be exactly what you look for. You can't rely on others on this matter. Some people hate the new Aion some love it. Filter through your own expectation and needs. Some people hate the game so much that they log in every day while complaining on forum how crap the game is. It is not perfect, that's for sure. Just try it out and you make your own decision based on your experience in game. Lot's of Love
  9. I agree, this is also one of the things dev's should look into and come with a solution asap. I already stated this in another thread. I got lucky and managed to buy a plain 1 drawer. I'm suspecting one of the last crafted plain 1-drawers on my server. But don't worry for the simple 1 drawer one. you can actually buy one from NPC, just search the NPC's in oriel. I don't remember exactly which NPC though. @Cyan Any info about this?
  10. OMG you read my mind. You can't ask for GM's to actually play the game, and if they do, to accuse them of wrong doing. Even though, the "idiots" term is totally uncalled for IMO. But i agree with the rest of your opinion. Not to mention that, IF a GM wanted to actually cheat, it wouldn't use a compensation gear... when best PVP gear is at his/her reach so easy. Also why bother evolving it? I'm pretty sure a GM can give himself a Ultimate +15 with best stats possible.
  11. Prestige supply? Wait what? aren't they gone? haven't seen any since 6.2 hit
  12. wait, i still can't believe what i'm reading. Complaining that Aion, a PVPVE game, is a PVPVE game as intended? Really? PvPvE and combat flight system was them main thing of Aion. not pvp and pve, but pvpve. I'm sorry for the missed titles, and that part i understand 100% but... the rest...
  13. @Arxaggelos-KT Have you ever considered that it was an actual Alliance farming these named mobs? On KT-E there is almost always one alliance spamming lfg to grind that. I also farm those 1-2 hours ever couple of days. you might see 2-3 alts in there, but not 24 alts. most of the alliance is made by individual players. And i say this, again as a person who joins the so called beach party alliance. Now what i don't understand is why this bot thing is considered such a big problem? 1st, the zones they are farming have a low drop rate anyhow. i would never consider starting area as a farm spot
  14. Might be wrong, but i think 3 Ancient geared players cant' kill a Ultimate gear player. From what i was able to see in harmony even a 50% Ultimate and 50% ancient, is pretty much unbeatable (mainly on classes that have heals or hp steal)...
  15. why do you say that? what's the difference between running toward my target and flying toward it? I was always a melee class player, and i really don't see any difference. The only messed up think on flying was the wing clip. Otherwise, flying or running it's the same thing mostly... as a melee you can get destroyed by a ranged on foot too...
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