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  1. I think my journey in aion has ended. It was supposed to be just a 4-year plan, but I ended up staying here longer and it became 7 year straight. I also played during beta and the first time aion came to NA. Anway, it has been fun and all. Good luck to everyone.
  2. Cyan, are you guys planning on bringing back the Power Up Week later this year?
  3. I believe it is the same tree event from last time.
  4. Shouldn't it be 400% exp rate because we surpassed the required distribution and it's a special event. I bet most players are expecting a 400% exp rate event. Imagine the outrage and also that's false advertising.
  5. What about the hats/chain helms/headbands? Would those things break if I try to temper one on this event?
  6. Hi Cyan. How come it still says "A character may only transfer with 7,000 or less Glory Points", and I have 74,947 glory points. Will I be able to keep my glory points when I transfer my toon to tiamat?
  7. How come the unlimited gp cap transfer wasn't announced to everyone? I was looking forward to transfer my toon to TM. Is there gonna be another unlimited gp cap transfer? If so, can you please announce it so that everyone knows? Not everyone has the luxury to check every single second of this forum. I work like 8 hours a day pst as a systems engineer. It is unfair for everyone that didn't get a chance to transfer their toons with 70k+ gp.
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