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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 10, 2020

    @Hime Look because I like you so much I am going to tell you how to fix half your problems.......make stormwing egg permanent...BOOOM!!! Players see progression in stigmas, Daevanian Kills, gear enchantment etc daily...the stones could fail to enchant the skill could fail but at least you know if you log in daily you get a shot at it. Or you can save up and go for a all in one encanting day. ORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR when you are finish enchanting you can use the minimum to plus your minion up...There was soooo much great about the stormwing egg. In addition to all this greatness the egg even gave you a damn buff....Come onnn that...now to prevent exploit just dont give the free tokens on BCM. If someone wants to grow the egg they have to put time into doing so no freebies. increase the tokens needed to level it up. That way players have a realistic hard goal that is attainable. - Or you can just not do any of this and the population will decrease significantly thus fixing the server lag.
  2. minion grade b

    open bundles from Dredge, ID, Evergale, etc. Does HM give a bundle? idk but there are easy ways to stack B minium
  3. All Servers Down for Emergency Maintenance

    I'd LOVEEE LOVE LOVEEEEEEE to see the egg come back...It is a way to consistently see incremental progress in the areas of the game that are the hardest to conquer. I will admit they have given us over the last few months plenty of opportunities to plus up daevanion skills( RIP truly new players coming in right now...). Now if we had all forseen the future created 20 alt accounts and farmed the egg event like a boss we would all be straight. However, most of us didnt do that sooooooo. We are kinda sucking in the stigma department. there is still the Gemstone/Runestone grind and the grind for new weapon and acc..:-D
  4. Can we get XP/AP/Drop Rate Weekends Back

    @Hime Thank you for your reply!! I remember people planning around those weekend buffs. It added another level of excitement for the end of the week. I personally have not really had an issue with latency other than the normal jitters here and there. I am very curious what the culprit is!
  5. It was a thing for awhile on rotation where we Bonus XP/AP/Drop Rate Buffs were given each weekend. Each of these would still be relevant especially to truly new players that need to try and bridge the huge gap between them and their peers/rivals. XP is needed to craft Experience marks so this is beneficial to all. AP buffs would benefit the newer player with a significantly smaller AP pool. Lastly, Drop Rate buffs DEFINITELY would be appreciated by all. These are simple things that would give people things to plan and look forward to. You all have done some very good things for the community in the past and it is not forgotten (at least by me). @Hime @Loki
  6. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    @{QA} Loki-EK Thank you for the feedback. Seriously just the seeing the replies without gives an immediate relief and a sense that you all hear and care.
  7. There is always one dunce that has to blow the whistle
  8. Hackers

    Did you try Gittin Gud?!?
  9. Can I run in 64 bit???

    You are right thank you for the input
  10. Can I run in 64 bit???

    Just curious because I see 64 bit in the game files but it is grayed out for me in game. Not seeing many post on it that are recent. Pls help :-D Also in theory would the game run smoother with 64 bit or 32 bit I have: i7 - 4280k (I know a bit old) Nvidia - 1080 and like 32 GB Ram (I dont remember the bus speed and too lazy to look)
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 26, 2020

    The gold card rewards aren't even all that great.... I'm sure the probability of legendary transform is low lol. What about stigma stones and things to help plus up or get deavanion skill boxes...:-D
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 19, 2020

    @Youmu-EK How are you getting these mended chocolate hearts?
  13. Is World Boss Stealing an Offense?

    I had to laugh at the git gud comment. I feel your pain bro but this is the life of an Aion player. Either you bring the heat or you get burned. As Aly said support won't do anything. They are probably too busy breaking and patching the tattered parts of the game together to worry about one lost WB. Don't worry next time I'll come and save the day all you have to do is whisper sneakattack three times while doing the forbidden dance.
  14. DC in Crimson Katalam = back to obelisk

    Be careful what you wish for. They break the game with every tweak lol. Have to be super selective or else.
  15. The game is broken for new players

    I dislike most free to play models...just make a sub and make shop prices reasonable or actually listen and put the things in the shop that people acrually want/need rather than trying to con players into investing in fruitless events. If you are truly new make sure you take advantage of the free PvE ultimate set they give you for a month and legendary transform. Make the free level 80 also even if you dont need it you will want it later for event/luna farming. Join a legiom get carried through PvE for your perm set and use the mix matched gear til you can make a full PvP set (Ultimate PvE stats are better than a ancient +15 and situational probably better than some legendary if it is lower than like +12 or so. You can do the math) it is not impossible but definitely more difficult. Lastly watch the events and make sure you get the free things on BCM so you can get the few leg ups they give you.