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  1. +20 Provenance Weapon compensation

    The previous comments were kind enough to ignore the elephant in the room but allow me to be blunt: YOU CHOSE to take a break from the game, no one needs to compensate you for your own decisions. While you were away, the game progressed and what was end-game gear for you became literally obsolete and those who had +20 Prov weapons went for better from scratch. Information about what was going to be compensated were published for everyone to see and a month-long give-away event prior to the update facilitated the process for everybody. People were working on the actual end-game gear for compensation up till the servers went down for the update. Why would you be compensated for taking a break?
  2. [Souvenir] Dragon Lord Tiamat Wall Decoration

    Thanks for the tip
  3. [Souvenir] Dragon Lord Tiamat Wall Decoration

    I noticed that alright, though the loot only seems to drop from the box when one isn't alone inside. I really hope the DLR souvenir still drops and does for high level chars. It never dropped for me from the old raid...
  4. Hello guys, Is it possible to get [Souvenir] Dragon Lord Tiamat Wall Decoration from the new Dragon Lord's Refuge solo dungeon at lvl 80?
  5. Mentor

    Mentor quests don't exist any longer. You can still mentor people to help them level, you can mentor people 10 levels below yours up to lvl 50. ps. You get no loot when mentoring.
  6. Sealed argent manor drop rate?

    You're assuming you'll get a mythic item at a 100% chance upon getting rank S. That's not true. Good luck farming. I got my full set + weapon + wings after 3 months of weekly 7 S-rank runs...
  7. (Alliance) Into Eternity quest [Elyos]

    Tell me, how much are you willing to suffer to get 1 quest done? The bridge is marked by floating orbs of light that appear for 1 in-game hour between 1pm and 2pm. The mobs to kill are ridiculously easy to dispatch but you'll have to finish fast. If the orbs vanish, you'll end up stranded. The first island can be accessed from the wide open area where you can see the whole cluster of platforms. Good luck.
  8. You are right and I apologize but why would I look for information about the game outside the game if the game already offers the information? If the game is wrong, the game should be fixed. I was only quoting what the game was clearly saying.
  9. Fine then, it's wrong? Remove it.
  10. The patch notes don't state anything on this matter. The game tells you 100% success is possible. Why should I think otherwise? If it isn't possible, that text should be removed. Either way, something has to be done.
  11. Exactly. And guess what it means? Enchantment with 100% success is possible. I'm not here to teach you guys English either. If it isn't, this text wouldn't exist at all.
  12. Irrelevant. That text exists there regardless of what you put in the box. Try it yourself before talking nonsense. I'm not here to teach you how to enchant.
  13. I highly doubt your word counts more than an actual screenshot from the game. Please do not propagate myths.
  14. @Cyan Let us talk about that enchantment bug where you can't get a 100% success with Omegas + Greater Supplements on your purified items: Here's a response I got from the support team after days of waiting (a copy-paste from request #17360635) : "Hello there, We deeply apologize for the bug has caused you. We've reviewed the situation and verified that the greater supplement did not work as it should be. [...]" And yet, my following reports for restoration of lost materials and enchantment levels after a number of failures didn't get any follow up even with the whole set of proofs requires AND the confirmation from the support team that this is in fact a bug. Please do fix this ASAP. It isn't amusing to lose the only safe way to enchant items and sit there facing the appalling incompetence of the support team. It's not as if enchantment materials dropped from mookies.
  15. Tempered Power II?

    Korean players got their top level gear replaced by new quality one for 6.0. That said, 6.0 won't be here for a long time. Having quality gear is still an advantage.