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  1. Oh, there was the attorney! Was wondering how there wasn't one!
  2. Most skins are single use. If you have to discard that piece of armor you'll lose the skin on it. This can't be helped. There's a way to "keep" a skin nonetheless: Use the Luna skin service. You can register a piece of gear as a skin, this item is destroyed and kept as a permanent skin in the Luna Wardrobe. You can use Luna points to apply it to items in the future. As for your current skin... It'll be gone with your current item once you purify/replace it.
  3. And setting aside whining and playing victims here, what's your point? People rage all the time. You killed someone who thought you were camping the entrance (which isn't anything unheard of) and he wanted to "send a message" as lame as that is. Get over it and don't flood the forums.
  4. You're hardly alone as far as getting disconnected during sieges is concerned. Just try to log back in asap.
  5. I play on a milk carton as well and I do have issues with the game from time to time but I'm not having any problems with people. If you feel you're going somewhere where you risk to crash or disconnect, make your team mates know. A simple "Guys, I may crash around here" or a "If I crash, I'll log back in, it may take a bit, slow laptop" go a long way. Most people aren't as childish as to take offense to such things.
  6. @Illumishinel-DN , @TheStorm-KT, I'd hate to repeat what you already know but Cyan and Hime aren't the people to talk to in such a situation and bringing it up on the forum will only waste your time. If you feel you have been wrongly banned (that can happen), report it to support and demand an explanation. As someone already mentioned in a prior comment, your bans may or may not be for something that happened a while ago. When I personally report people, I do so with at least 5 different screenshots of a clear and visible hack. Some go ignored even with damning evidence. I highly
  7. What scratch I mean? I mean I had a Prov orb at +15 before you heard of it, a full Enraged Apollon set at +15 before the nerf, a full harvester +15 before the 5.8, a full master harvester +20 with a +25 orb with that +15 prov orb as an underfuse before the give-away. You stopped playing before all of these came out? Great for you! I did the effort over and over. What makes you think you're entitled to a compensation for obsolete gear? Time passes, gear comes and goes and you're stuck moaning about gear that was less than optimal a month after you got it. Have fun
  8. The previous comments were kind enough to ignore the elephant in the room but allow me to be blunt: YOU CHOSE to take a break from the game, no one needs to compensate you for your own decisions. While you were away, the game progressed and what was end-game gear for you became literally obsolete and those who had +20 Prov weapons went for better from scratch. Information about what was going to be compensated were published for everyone to see and a month-long give-away event prior to the update facilitated the process for everybody. People were working on the actual end-game gear fo
  9. I noticed that alright, though the loot only seems to drop from the box when one isn't alone inside. I really hope the DLR souvenir still drops and does for high level chars. It never dropped for me from the old raid...
  10. Hello guys, Is it possible to get [Souvenir] Dragon Lord Tiamat Wall Decoration from the new Dragon Lord's Refuge solo dungeon at lvl 80?
  11. Mentor quests don't exist any longer. You can still mentor people to help them level, you can mentor people 10 levels below yours up to lvl 50. ps. You get no loot when mentoring.
  12. You're assuming you'll get a mythic item at a 100% chance upon getting rank S. That's not true. Good luck farming. I got my full set + weapon + wings after 3 months of weekly 7 S-rank runs...
  13. Tell me, how much are you willing to suffer to get 1 quest done? The bridge is marked by floating orbs of light that appear for 1 in-game hour between 1pm and 2pm. The mobs to kill are ridiculously easy to dispatch but you'll have to finish fast. If the orbs vanish, you'll end up stranded. The first island can be accessed from the wide open area where you can see the whole cluster of platforms. Good luck.
  14. You are right and I apologize but why would I look for information about the game outside the game if the game already offers the information? If the game is wrong, the game should be fixed. I was only quoting what the game was clearly saying.
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