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  1. So the horrendous transformation system is actually coming over to NA huh? Such a shame, was hoping to have a reason to come back. A huge part of Aion was the visuals- to hide them behind a terrible, gimmicky system is such a waste. Adios till they remove that garbage.
  2. @HealingSquid-KT They were fluff zones but they should of just restructured them like World of Warcraft did. Cutting your mmo's playable range by 2/3rds is awful. And those zones used to be intregal parts of the game. The feels ? @Infliction-DN You'll probably enjoy 6.0 quite a lot if you skipped the 5.0+ slog entirely. @OptusExpiredSim-KT Cyg/Enshar didnt have the best pvp, but 5.0+ brought whales to a whole new level.
  3. I hope your at least intelligent enough to realize how ignorant and rude you sound. @Jake-DN Those days are loooong gone. I used to be an active pvper between 2.0-4.8 but 5.0 just murdered what little semblance of pvp was left after kata/dana got nuked. I am happy to see that 6.0 tries to remedy their screw ups in regards to PvP but sacrificing the other half of what made Aion, Aion, is a mistake and will likely alienate a sizable chunk of the remaining players. Hopeful that they continue with their gung-ho attitude of reviving the old days though and change focus back to fixing the ec
  4. Pros - Enchantment capped at 15 - Godstones removed Cons - They removed 8(?) entire zones - Added a retarded transformation system with stats like: +100 movement speed, +60 attack speed, +45 casting speed, 80 healing boost, 126 physical and magical attack, 131 pdef, 131 msupp, 378 accuracy and magic accuracy, 331 crit strike and crit spell. Which will be P2W to obtain? - Kinah becomes account locked - Trading is essentially dead with nearly everything being character locked (Can't even use account warehouse) - Daeva skills + Transforms are very o
  5. If we follow the last few update's trends, we should see 6.0 around July, so yea, pretty soon. I think being on Steam would be a great idea, just don't incorporate any BCM shenanigans onto it. Just put the game itself and make people use the regular website for any purchases. That paired with the Twitch streamers idea could generate quite a bit of activity. Still salty AF about them basically removing all pre-80 content though
  6. I have seen Fate fragments drop twice off Primordials, they can, just stupidly rare.
  7. They can all come from lock boxes, as well. I know Power Lock box for sure as I've gotten some, unsure on the other 2. Edit: Be forewarned, the mounts stats are terrible.
  8. Edit: @Loomia No, you just feel your idea of "fun" is the same for everyone. I worked hard, over 9 years to get my account to the point it was at. Do I think a "new" or "casual" player should be able to pick up the game and be "at my level"? Of course not, I worked to get to the point I was at. For me, my "fun" was collecting and progressing. 6.0 slaps me in the face.
  9. You obviously paid no attention to what I typed.
  10. I refused to partake of 5.0's gear system for many many months after launch. Only with the addition of the 100% success enchants to prevent breakage did I finally move out of my 65 gear. My 65 gear was still at a level to easily match and outclass casual players. Could I keep up with whales? no, of course not, but I didn't play to do that. I played to have fun, and my 65 gear was more than sufficient. That being said, I worked my freaking ASS off to get that 65 gear to the level it was. I worked my ass off to collect a plethora of expensive skins that I could sell to fund future gear upgrades.
  11. ^ Repeatedly spamming on the forums for 6.0 RIGHT MEOW is not going to do anything but annoy people. NC literally can not get us 6.0 right now. Just stop.
  12. Yea, it's kind of like their going "Here, 3 mana slot max and +15 cap to reduce stat gaps between players, but oh here have these stupidly OP transformations that we will 100% find some way to turn into a P2W system!!" Played since Alpha, sad to see the game turn into this.
  13. 6.0 is turning more and more into a train wreck. I'm in the "nyerk you NC for deleting half the game and the last 9 years of my progress" group, but my hate towards 6.0 came from them throwing my progress away. 6.0 is starting to just sound like a shitty, old version of BnS.
  14. If they do those drastic changes NC can screw off. Those changes take the "Work work work for a year! oops, next patch makes it all pointless!" to a laughable level. What the actual F.
  15. In healing/support spec they are most definitely a support class. Utility is more of a crowd control, enemy enfeebling etc. Heal spec chanters provide buffs and back up heals. The amount of damage their mantras add to the rest of the party is huge. If they add 1k DPS to the other 3-4 DPS in the group, that added 3-4k belongs to the chanter. People seem to forget that. Sure you could replace them with another DPS but that defeats the purpose of the back up heals, shields etc. I do agree Chanter needs a DPS buff when in DPS spec. They lose their group vision stigma buff as well as he
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