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  1. NEXT AION 2018.1.17

    If they do those drastic changes NC can screw off. Those changes take the "Work work work for a year! oops, next patch makes it all pointless!" to a laughable level. What the actual F.
  2. Why all 2h physical weapons are bad dps ?

    In healing/support spec they are most definitely a support class. Utility is more of a crowd control, enemy enfeebling etc. Heal spec chanters provide buffs and back up heals. The amount of damage their mantras add to the rest of the party is huge. If they add 1k DPS to the other 3-4 DPS in the group, that added 3-4k belongs to the chanter. People seem to forget that. Sure you could replace them with another DPS but that defeats the purpose of the back up heals, shields etc. I do agree Chanter needs a DPS buff when in DPS spec. They lose their group vision stigma buff as well as healing burst. They should re-adjust the DPS stigmas to be a bit more potent.
  3. NEXT AION 2018.1.17

    A terrible one that has been for the most part, nothing but a money sink for the game. It's more of a gear enhancement system. It would be nice to see them expand on the skill enhancement side of Essence. Let us customize skills rather than just strengthen them. Such as giving multiple versions of the same Arch skill to allow differing play styles or something.
  4. NEXT AION 2018.1.17

    The subtitles aren't showing for me NC can remove the Arch Daeva idea without killing the Essence Point system. Basically every MMO out there now a days has some form of point allocation system in place. Just revert the horrible exp scaling and maybe change (or remove?) the E-form crap?
  5. Why all 2h physical weapons are bad dps ?

    Ranger DPS is fine it's just that most of them can't weave for shit nor know how to manage rotations well. If anything, Ranger needs a buff to their utility skills. We are fairly weak in that regard for PvE. Lower trap CDs, maybe make Skybound a non-stigma, etc. Will likely never happen, but if NC were to give Ranger a "bind" skill for christmas...
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 13, 2017

    4: An issue where Soaring not being available on Ancient Archangel's Wings will be fixed Did I miss something? Is this an upgraded 66+ form of the 2-year Archangel wings? When did this get added??
  7. omega stone

    Essence Core Solutions are garbage. 20 Cores, not 1 got to +3 and multiple broke trying to +1.
  8. Vote to End the Coalition Mechanic

    At least give us the ability to join as a group ffs. We want to play with our friends, not random people's alts or afk players. Horrible system as it is.
  9. Answers to the questions of Korean players.

    I know they check logs first- my point was at how someone hacking barracks would more likely have to be reported for it by someone who *knows* their doing it, or even suspects it, rather than the guy who hit 75 in 24 hours wearing the level 55 hand out gear where the entire server can tell. No idea how I ended up with my number, recalc'd and yea, it's 300b+ https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/XP_Requirements
  10. Auto quest auto battle should aion have it ?

    Why even bother playing at that point....Hate to see what MMOs are turning into.
  11. Answers to the questions of Korean players.

    Or, you know, because someone soloing UA and collecting AP which is not identifiable by the naked eye is a lot harder to catch than someone gaining 63,747,925,598 exp in 24 hours (This is the actual exp needed from 66-75)
  12. Black Friday Sales - Minions

    *DONT COMBINE C/B RANKS******** Whenever you do finally get that A rank, you need 30-40 Bs and Cs to get it to rank 3. You will literally use EVERY B and C rank you got before finally getting that precious A rank. They are NOT wasted scrolls, are NOT combining fodder, save those suckers. You WILL need them. I keep hearing people complaining about opening 10 cute contracts and not getting an A yet not realizing that if they got an A on their first...they would still have to open the other 9. It takes a solid 40+ contracts to get an A to level 3 if you do not run BoS/Spire every single week. Wait for an event that has them. During the gameboard event, Cute Minions Contracts on DN-E were down to 100m. Easily obtainable for any casual player.
  13. Aion Vision...

    *still hopeful for Aion 2 some day*

    Welcome to Aion 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, Still haven't figured out NC has gone full P2W? It's not going anywhere, their 2017 quarterly earnings report proved that.
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 15, 2017

    Phantom tunic is 1 time skin, you skin it, the item loses it's ability to be traded. Simple solution- Remove the Phantom Tiger skin from the body. It will allow it to be traded again.