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  1. Aion Vision...

    *still hopeful for Aion 2 some day*

    Welcome to Aion 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, Still haven't figured out NC has gone full P2W? It's not going anywhere, their 2017 quarterly earnings report proved that.
  3. Phantom tunic is 1 time skin, you skin it, the item loses it's ability to be traded. Simple solution- Remove the Phantom Tiger skin from the body. It will allow it to be traded again.
  4. Lightspeed Ironfang stats

    Why does the top, max level aetherforge tiger mount have slower speeds and higher flight drain than the freaking PANDA POWER WHEELS mount being added in tomorrow's events? Come freaking on, it takes stupid amounts of kinah and work to get this mount and it just keeps getting crapped on by free/p2w mounts. Can this thing PLEASE get bumped up to top tier with the luna/event mounts?
  5. Best PvP Weapon for Ranger

    Purified Prime Guardian Royal Captain bow: Attack 420 - 569 Accuracy 1531 Crit Strike 50 Magical Acc 521 -Added Stats- (Base+Augment stats combined) HP +1001 Attack +111 Crit Strike +160 Accuracy +292 Atk Speed +19% PvP Attack +22.6% Paralysis Resistance Penetration +25 Silence Resistance Penetration +26 Godstone Activation Suppression +0.1% Once that releases with 5.8, it's top dog since purified Harvester can not mix with AP. Pure Harvester/Ahserion will be locked at 16.7 pvp attack where as this beast would be 27% with a Pure top / Normal bottom. 28.1% if you get two pure's together. Right now, SFL has: (Compaired to current PGRC) 31 more base attack 47 more magic accuracy 100 more accuracy 123 more HP 4 more additional attack 4.4% less pvp attack With SFL obsoleting in 5.8, I think it's a waste of money to build one now.
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 8, 2017

    Nothing but Spinels and AP items from Kumuki?....
  7. Don't forget that lock boxes can also give fragments. Not a terrible rate, either. I received a few from Power Lock boxes.
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 1, 2017

    The behavior during all of this is really rather sad. Shows that some people are way to detached from real life. @Cyan and @Hime keep up the good work.
  9. Good lord, it's a video game. Just go do something else for a few days if it is this much of a bother. Every game company goes through this crap, even Xbox Live and Playstation Online have been downed for days on end by DDoS. Get over it.
  10. Unless NC adjusts the stats, it's a total shit ass mount. Skin looks cool but it's slower and has a higher sprint drain than the stupid ass free tamed white tiger
  11. Expand Wardrobe

    Could we please get the wardrobe doubled in size? It's nice as it is for costumes that take up 1 slot for all but if you have multi piece sets like Delegates and Charming Kitter, it totally blows.
  12. Pumpkin King's Haunt Reward and Instance List

    One, Fledging gear is not from an event. Two, it's low level pre-65. 65 and under is done and gone, NC has abandoned any effort to keep it relevant. It is a nice set to enter into AoE in but has nothing to do with end game. At this point in the game with everyone rocking full Apollon/Harvesters, I would welcome a free level 70 fledgling set. I would rather have a new player join my instance in that than to join it in shitty Tlabs or Adma gear and just be a carry. This discussion was aimed at events like our current pumpkin one. Yes, a player who partakes in the events can get 1, 2 if their lucky, pieces of equipment like Harvesters for free, but they usually require quite extensive participation in the event. If one wants to drop cash on the BCM to get more, go for it, the game is old AF now. Goodluck to a new player collecting the 2b+ it costs to *buy* the omegas and supplements to upgrade. People still have to work for their gear, even if it just means running AoE/CoE 3+ times every single week for supps.
  13. Pumpkin King's Haunt Reward and Instance List

    The average player will not get "free OP gear" from these events. You may get 1 or 2 pieces, and 6 or 7 omegas if your lucky, but you still have to farm AoE/CoE for supplements and BoS is still excellent to run for gear and minion contracts. I do feel that NC went way to overboard on the Provanance and Harvester gear hand outs but 5.8 adds purified versions of Harvester and Apollon that you *have* to run the instance for to upgrade. I for one would rather run an instance for upgrade materials than for a 5% chance at the item I want, then have to roll over other people for in an instance that drops 1-2 items for 12 people. In order to take advantage of the events to the degree your insinuating you would have to drop some serious cash on the BCM. If it takes you a solid year to get a full set, +15 and socketed well, purely off events then that is a solid amount of time (Without cashing out on the BCM). The events seem to compliment the instances now in regards to 5.8's changes that are coming. If all goes well, this could actually be a great move by them. More people capable of comfortably running CoE/BoS by the time 5.8 launches with the upgrade materials the better. NCWest has GOT to have a tiny team left to work on this game. It is very old and underpopulated, NCSoft is not going to throw a ton of employees/money at it. Just enjoy the game for what it is and what it's always going to be from now on. If you want a game more invested in the content I recommend WoW and FF14. Aion is small potatoes now and the community that is left is mainly here because we just love the game, regardless of it's flaws.
  14. Pumpkin King's Haunt Reward and Instance List

    Anybody have links to pictures of all these new skins?
  15. ^ Has it's goods and bads, but overall good for everybody. NC's terrible instance design is more to blame than them giving away the gear. A 12 man instance should *not* give 1-2 items away for 1-2 hours a run. That breeds discouragement and envy. Sucks they released them so soon, I've a lot of friends who just finally has started to clear it (I do not run it due to time constraints) but it was inevitable anyways.