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  1. I always thought this was the gameplan, merge the servers after a couple months and release a new start server with major patches. A solution has to be found before 1.5 - It's the big content patch that gives classic an actual end-game/content and a lot of people aren't really playing until it comes. It'll be dead on arrival if people are having to go into the new content with such a huge population + AP imbalance. But hey, we all know NCSoft isn't going to do anything until it's too late.
  2. Then there'd simply be nobody in the queue. Reality is, the utter lack of real queue system makes afking a part of life. There'll be a handful of premades that steamroll everything, a handful of randoms that premade and have a chance, meanwhile the majority of randoms that queued who will know if it's a W or L the moment the groups are formed. With the state of the current servers it'll be worse than ever, IS-A will be all afk groups and Siel-E will be all afk groups.
  3. I'm in the Abyss all day, Every day. I deal with 1v2+ every single day without giving up, always putting the message out for people to come guard farm + PVP instead of making excuses and giving up. That's exactly why I'm making this post, I'm talking from experience. I can name less than 5 Asmodians that actually show a presence in the Upper Abyss.
  4. There's a handful of elyos using scum tactics, the others are defending their own; like every good legion has always done. Anyone can spend a day in the Abyss and see Sanctus/Humility helping the Faction - Defending rep groups, taking artis, always putting in a presence. Anyone can spend 5minutes on IS-A and see the Legions don't even help their own, let alone the Faction. I use the search function on IS-A constantly, we have the numbers but not the will. IS-A can easily grow if people step up and actually get out there, rather then making their excuses. CURRENT character search: 1 lev
  5. The state of the abyss right now is so far beyond a joke, in almost every timezone the only time IS-A have a chance in the abyss is when some Repeat groups form. The repeat groups are plagued with people like Noise or Summon, who fly at max height until they have all CDs, then dive bomb the group on guards, run, rinse, repeat. The IS-A groups leave and take to crying on /3, typically with big claims of "Cheaters!" or "Server Imbalance!" - off to hold hands in the Brusthonin safe space. Now, why doesn't the same thing happen to Elyos? Simple: Their top legions defend their players, they're P
  6. Nothing like waiting 2hours for a DC group only to get a random 10minute warning for the most absurd 'EMERGENCY' maint. Simping for companies is the weirdest shit.
  7. If the 'critical bug' is that some people aren't receiving their daeva pass rewards, yes it absolutely can wait. The rewards aren't going to disappear, 15minute notice is absurd. It's rather clear what content is priority for ncWest. Instead we get no notice and a now broken client 1hr later
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