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  1. Uhm, I will drop this for you, maybe you have quitted this shit game alike a lot of ppl, but ig it’s ok since the post has been brought alive back, thus I will hand you out this exclusive bard guide coming from a NA top songweaver, #1 in EK (back then when this was alive, I’m playing bdo now lmfao). Anyway it’s kinda cringey having an ego in this dead game, relevant players quitted at its most (Skill-wise), now it’s only a gear race. My gear: 1:31 (That’s the best it got to look, in other clips when I wasn’t 4* it was way worse lol, it’s mixed; (reds n purples pve and pvp yellows and purple neck / harp) How to bard support: 7:23, 12:28, there’s some in the last clip as well. Anyway, basically when you are a bard your support playstile will depend on the situation at it’s most, you got 3 ways out, “First step” [Sleep or KB / Aeriall or Silence/Bind, (anything that keeps the opponent from hitting your ally, should always be your first aid)] UNLESS a. You are +12m away from your ally that’s being focused b. The opponents are ranged and spreaded. c. If a or b, pop winter, If it’s on cd, chorus. Second step is going to be a healing skill ofc, green stigma heal aka hymn of rejuvenation, (if “c”) [If first step, winter or chorus, (you should always want to save chorus if there’s a sm or sorcerer for cleansing fear / sleep tho, so unless you are very forced to, hold it)] then just spam your healing skill and repeat the algorithm when your cds are back. KNOW that a good offensive>defense so once you are backed up and you are ready to nuke just stop at second or even first step and do it, (If you stopped at first just get your m8 back on track asap once you nuke the dude, if you fail and you aren’t able to heal him, just sacrifice him, try to cc and res him up asap) That’s p much it, if you want to learn how to execute bard at 1v1s or 1vsmultiples you might as well dig into my videos since i can’t really explain it, (it would be so lengthy and situations change regarding classes) valkie and axon are pretty descent songweavers aswell and they have some videos, sadly I can’t think of an other remarkable songweaver in NA 🥺 Good luck
  2. Reading is hard, I’m playing bdo casually just to wait on Ashes of creation & Lost Ark in the mean time. Better graphics and optimization, cause I get 30fps in Valencia (one of the biggest cities), and I used to get 15-20fps in Lakrum. Gg Si te refieres al de la imagen que yo puse, es Black Desert, el juego con esos gráficos me corre con más fps que aion jajajaja cuesta 10 dólares, es un buen juego si te quieres entretener casualmente porque si quieres ir serio, te va a costar mucho dinero y tiempo
  3. Glad I quitted this garbage game, waiting on the real blow to aion's population, Lost Ark and Ashes of Creation meanwhile playing this eye-candy. Btw, check the chat , aion is bleeding players hahaha Ofc theres always rats who think their game is alive but, back in then, there were MORE servers, EACH MORE POPULATED than the 2 leftovers and EK which doesnt even gets to the cap (104) in wednesday, sad. Anyway, not like NCWest cares at all, they have a bunch of inmigrants with ZERO CLUE, at their offices publishing the game. I would had stayed if they would just had made things RIGHT, but each week was more bullshit, more garbage events, more empty answers (If they even bothered at repplying, lol). I wonder if they fixed Shard prices yet. I gave them 1 month to fix their shit and they would just not listen, we are not players, we are their CUSTOMERS and MUST be treated like that cause we feed their asses, yet you like to be treated like cows having your money milked over and over and what do you get??? a customer service which is simply, pathetic. Having this game up is costing them more at this point, a lot of people are refunding. Good luck who's staying, this game has no future in the west.