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  1. Solution....We all nyerk NCSoft. There are many other games out there. I for one will not be following around 191 others for loot that will cost 100x that of the first looters. I did not have many unspent coins but I really feel for those who had 100s and are now screwed. The only solution to this problem imo is to back roll everyone to before the patch. I know some will hate me for that but it is either that, leave as it was, or make all items obtained untradable perhaps.
  2. I for one will not be back unless they roll EVERYTHING back to before the patch. I also was able to farm coins although no where near as many as some due to work. I did buy just one +12 manastone but left the rest unspent. For those who did not buy anything, it is UNFAIR. For those who had to work, it is UNFAIR. I have nothing against the ones who farmed all day but those players will be at a HUGE advantage over all others which is UNFAIR. Bottom line as many other posters have mentioned, server population yesterday was insane. Today, it is full of players complaining or players going c
  3. What manastones are most important to a SW for end game PvP?
  4. I found a site that shows live EU siege/arena timers. Is there a site like that for NCWest? If not, does anyone know where I can find the complete schedule for all PVP events?
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