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  1. =-.....Said enough last week.....-=
  2. How y'all not seeing this @Cyan ? This not the place to tell you at NCSoft how we feel about changes? I bet if you added transparent in such a way that you didn't have to pay luxury sized fee's to do so it would improved quality of life for your players and increase the money they are spending on this game-- because they actually think its cool again. =p
  3. @Cyan Ditto -- I feel like you all(Whoever is in charge of making changes to Aion's in game problems) are missing an important message from the community about the transparent transformation scroll. Aion has such vivid and creative ways to customize characters. There are SO MANY of us who cannot stand the way the transforms look, and have been communicating this issue to you since the patch released. We don't want to be stuck with them 100% of the time. How do you not realize this is a staple of the Aion experience???? Why is it you cannot put a affordable ('new/average player affordable'
  4. I swear at one point in time Aion marketed itself as a PvPvE game. I actually really like that balance. I am not a fan of pure pvp or pve games, I think that is alot of the appeal Aion gives on its own.
  5. Cannot agree more with the player frustration over Transparent Scrolls and Shards. GET MOVING - -=DO SOMETHING that we can see that shows that not everything you care about is our wallets.=- When they made 6.x they took away one of things that Aion is famous for--- its character customization. On top of that they've made us PAY for it. This is YOUR game, your making your players pay to see what was originally something that was intended for all players to enjoy, not just the ones who ever the extra budget to buy transparency scrolls. This simple request for affordable shards and transparency s
  6. Completely agree about ALL OF THIS. THE PRICES TO NOT BE A ANIMAL XFORM ARE INSANE! If this is your idea of how to make money off of us, its -=DISGUSTING=- Your greed is unfathomable if you intended this. Paying for an hours worth of transparent scrolls is like having to take up a minimum wage job, $10+ an hour ?! AND on top of all that don't you dare come back and say, but we'll give you 10 transparent scrolls for gold bars... You took away our ability to play comfortable without animal skins and force us to pay more?! Ohh goodness if you wanna make some people furious that is exactly what yo
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