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  1. Will we get some goodies as compensation? :3
  2. I bet it will be delayed for more 3 hours after this hour delay. /FeelsSad
  3. Is "Irnin's Armor Skin Set" just skin or legendary gears?
  4. My name is too much cool to be taken. So, no :3
  5. Cyan, I 'm sorry to ask this, but could you check again if IDD will have only one entry/week? Well, Stella will have 4 entries and it is endgame content while IDD won't be. Anyways, is there a possibility to add more entries next weeks on next updades?
  6. We can still reach caps IF the transformation has a super high atk or cast spd. But SM/SW would benefit more if Frigida transformation had the original status, since both classes are cast/atk spd because their skills recquires low time to be casted and they have many skills with combos. In fact, SM's would be the most benefited class by using that transformation, I suppose.
  7. There's a high possibility we're getting entries like other regions, since IDD isn't endgame anymore. Even Stella has 4 entries. But, sadly, Zombie has a point...
  8. Wild kitter weapons Wish vandals had theirs released already *_* @CyanI have a suggestion. Bring back Code Red with pots, candies, transparent scrolls, drop rate and craft/AP buffs (or charms) pls.
  9. Today I tested transformations in other regions. I m surprised how more fluid the game is with the orginal cast and atk spd. Is there any reason to these nerfs? Maybe the team found some unbalance in pvp or things like that? @Cyan
  10. Yep, kamar comes back in 7.x. Not sure if NCWest will add it now or later on.
  11. IMO, everyone should get same rewards if they reach a certain amount of dps (not total dmg). It would prevent people who love the afk way. Do you remember invasions? Same people used to acquire the drops. That wasn't fair because without the other who did lower dps they would never defeat the boss. And we saw he invasion thing dying over time.
  12. Since Mirash will be deleted and Crucible will only give hp cubicles, where we'll find those tasty stigma stones?
  13. Since we're following Korea stuff, could we get a new server @Cyan? It would be really fun and solve the table issue coz everyone will start from 0 point.
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