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  1. are returning/new players screwed on 6.2?

    btw this wasn't intended as a QQ thread it was to highlight that there will be from the outset quite a big disparity between existing and new players (assuming there are going to be many) and tbh Kinah is the thing that plays the biggest part of it all & 6.2 Kinah is a huge issue tbh @Aly-DN crafting isn't that important or optional? @100 crafting you craft stuff to break to upgrade your gear @300 crafting you can craft the 2nd best PvP gear in game (which will be easier to craft if you already got the kinah in your bank to buy the mats, existing players will have that) from the outset, so yes crafting plays a fairly huge part tbh I do agree that PvE Gear isn't that hard to get, run mirash, GoK & HT is about all you need tbh but... i was just kind of wondering if they had thought about these disparities or just launching and hope the existing population stas and maybe some of the new players might tough it out for a few months
  2. Just asking the question as it appears NA are not making new servers (can't blame them really) but how is this going to impact new or returning players obviously existing players will be rolling around with minimum of purple gear from the moment they hit 80 (just look at conversion rates from existing gear), whereas new/returning player will be starting in lakrum gear (1 or 2 shot you are dead against a +10 or above ancient or 0 purple and above) the economy is going to be premium from day 1 as existing players convert x billion kinah into new kinah, new players (if it follow EU kinah rates) will be lucky to hit 4million per week and as such will be able to afford near zero on AH even for mats to level crafting Have NcWest given any thought to this or are they just not expecting any new or returning players ?
  3. all mixed up now

    well I returned after leaving in 2.1 and having a blast levelling atm (47 level in 3 hours <3 lol) that free +10 gear to get you through the star is great and the game feels a little like it did when I left but can see a lot of changes and from what I read 6.2 gonna really change a lot more Just wanted to say glad I came back to have a look around
  4. Duo returning, need prep for 6.2 assistance

    I came back to Aion to try out 6.2 in EU and am most likely to move to NA once it launches here, how is the speed for levelling new chars atm as I would prefer to have my char ready to go for 6.2 with crafting in place etc...