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  1. 6.0 info

    i c alot of people quitting in 6.0... me included...this update is terrible and hopefully most of this crap wont be implemented and ncsoft cant fix glitches, do math or count... so god knows how riddled this 'update' will be and under the direction of the copy and paste queen cm..... were all doomed....
  2. Mirash Sanctum

    meh this patch was my make or break on leaving aion again and i was looking forward most to this instance...but nc has dropped the ball yet again without testing before they put out instances.... - Hook will not initiate despite being within 5m of ladders in boss room just says your too far when your not - safe points in boss fight sometimes will not spawn safe zone meaning all 4 points stay icefall while causing 1 shot skill. (had this happen 3 times) - lack of better information on how to do rooms some of the info is kind of a head scratcher not to mention the game does not allow the player time to even read what they have to do in the room while the timer ticks down... im sure ill find more...sorry if it sounds agitated you just think after 9 years they would get it....I put the info here rather than send a ticket because nc is too vague with how your problem is being handled...also leaving you in a head scratcher might i add...
  3. Mirash Sanctum

    even then thats a area glitch aoe shouldnt be killing people if not in ice fall just died by 1 shot kill in safe zone again gg nc
  4. Mirash Sanctum

    New Glitches - Still get killed despite being in allocated safe zone for Dance of the Cold Earth - Image Glitch on platforms causing icefall to show not falling when it still is... *smh*
  5. Mirash Sanctum

    New Glitch - 1 shot skill from final boss still kills you despite being on correct platform with no icefall Also....theres not enough time for a player to find correct platform before boss casts 1 shot kill and even then the hook is glitched and doesnt always work ....boss 1 shot needs to be reduced or boss skill needs to have time added...The way the camera angles are set up in game make it IMPOSSIBLE for a player to find the correct platform in time due to viewing limitations (cant see alll 4 plat forms have ot rotatte camera) so unless your standing right next to the right platform u die..... cmon ncsoft....get on the ball!
  6. Mirash Sanctum

    New glitch - In Glyph room even if you get the correct stone the chest still disappears....just happened to me... this instance is worse than crucible....
  7. Really NCWest, Really???

    and those hacking balaur ranged mobs that clearly are shooting through walls/floors
  8. because honestly its not like anyone is listening... and even so cyan only posts on like 1 reported bug if it has to do with interface...but when it comes to everything else all other posts get ignored.. its a slap in the face to see cyan post on a bug report in general discussion but toally ignore report a bug forums... i mean at least some acknowledgement that our concerns are being looked at would be nice even if they arent gonna look at them lol... so yeah no point to these forums...unless the CMs or people from nc take a more active role in players concerns/suggestions
  9. remove suggestion box and report a bug forums

    ty aly for your kind reply stavie.....plz go play in traffic...
  10. Lightspeed Ironfang stats

    yet these players on the asmo side seem to believe its a fair price to charge 300 mil + a piece for the 20 stone of fate fragments needed to make the 1 stone of fate thats needed to make the freaking mount that has poop stats than regular mounts ill give ya 30 mil a piece not a cent more... #greedyasmos

    *meanwhile on cyans clipboard*
  12. Is GP system broken?

    it should have NEVER been introduced.... terrible system wtbuy back AP rank system
  13. Luna Omega Drop Rates

    usually i get at least 2-3 with in the 7 run quest period this is the first time i have received none in a 7 run perod definitely lesser rate because of bcm if u ask me....which is pretty sneaky and underhanded too
  14. Ongoing DDoS Service Impact

    still laggggging...
  15. Contaminated Underpath

    when poor development and coding show....any of these couldve rendered a different outcome if coded correctly. please fix soon! 4th skill will complete despite cancelling it and skill bar not complete rejuv fountain will not restore life sometimes, you have to jump in and jump out again sometimes repeatedly for it to work this after it has fully spawned boss able to hit from way out of range despite being out of the gm issued 50% cast range boss will remain on gate near gate death even if targetted on player (which is confusing and fishy) the 'no-go' zone ahead of the gates is not well defined and a player can be just outside of it getting hit guards will randomly not target enemies attacking gate and act as if no one is there despite many enemies there.
  16. Contaminated Underpath

    no shade intended but in order to address these you would have to try and recreate them and look for them which most players dont most blame lag or just dont see it...you probly did have one of these issues just didnt occur to you at the time.. i just fail to understand how these can be recreated on different computers w different gpus and different connections with same result...
  17. hey shadow the first comment was tested between 2 people pvping I can assure you it was only 8952 damage not 18952 same damage dealt registered on other players screen second comment my cpu isnt overclocked....i dins OCing dangerous to begin with and would never try to do it third comment. so im confused how with 64ms ping which is virtually a half second am i still able to get hit with those attacks even though im 2-3 seconds away from the monster initially from him casting those.....times dont seem to match up..im not that slow in spire lol aside from comments pointed out by shadow still waiting on ncsoft to address and fix these issues.. thanks!
  18. Monsters resetting mid battle for no reason Monsters able to change skills mid-cast with cast bar fully completing changed skill cast Focus evasion not working. get hit with attacks through it with it still active get told "cannot do that in combat / cannot do that while standing" when attempting to heal/execute attacks. been told this has to do with server not fast enough staying synced with player when they are already dead. well....players are playing this game NOT the servers...what players see ''should'' be what goes... else its just confusing...or take out those error messages as to not confuse the player Damage Calculating mechanic worldwide is broken reporting wrong damage numbers (unless someone can explain to me how 10,000 dmg shield is killed by a attack done 8952 damage no crit no other monsters around and only attack dealt.) 10,000-8952 does not = 0 Gms claim monster/players are able to get attacks and casts off on players as long as 50% cast time reached, that being said monsters/players able to get attacks off with skills before 50% cast time reached. makes no sense that im 100m away and a physical attack monster is able to get attacks off on me..its confusing...needs to be fixed... players fall through parts of map and fall off map players targetting other players/monsters get told Invalid target causing a retarget (catastrophic glitch in pvp considering time when engaging is everything) leaderboards for crucible are misreporting rankings (as a result of hackers/glitches that couldve rendered a different outcome if not present) rankings are all inaccurate. I want to point out it is impossible to have a accurate leaderboard in a game with rampant hackers/glitches... various parts of different world maps where players get stuck and /escape will not engage Timers worldwide are off in game (tested many times with different timers, aion timers run slower than regular time by a fraction of miliseconds) Remove shock will randomly not execute when available with no error msgs, skill just blinks and I hit it repeatedly and it wont go off...no debuffs on me...nothing to keep me from using it...NOTHING. (tested on 5 different computers w same result) Sometimes when you try to enter instances it animates like its going to port you in and doesnt port you...leaving the character hanging at entrance (a simple relog fixes but shouldnt have to) sometimes players hang at login screen after choosing character to log in causing a reload of client in most cases sometimes debuffs will remain on players despite timer of debuff running out
  19. Crucible Spire boss glitches

    Summon blizzard hits players despite being out of gm mandated 50% cast range when hitting skills sometimes scrolls will go off in place of the skill you hit and bounce your cursor all over the screen with 64ms lag skills hesitant when going off ie Hit punishing wind 3 sec later it engages charge up all with consistant 60ms or lower ping time to hire new coders guys...theyre dirtying up your games playability
  20. Contaminated Underpath

    still waiting for ncsoft to address and fix these issues... thanks
  21. Crucible Spire boss glitches

    dont u have a pvp instance to go afk...thats what ur good at bryos anyway...still waiting to have these issues addressed...nothing from ncsoft...whats up?
  22. was just at a rock in pandamonium and clicked on the rock for the recharge twice and was told "no appropriate target" upon bar completion... im confused? the bar completed for getting it twice..thought it was supposed to give candy.... i didnt get anything ;( plz fix and give candy
  23. Recharge Stations for Event Not Rewarding

    lol and again...
  24. Recharge Stations for Event Not Rewarding

    just happened again... no one else around click on recharge rock get told 'no appropriate target' upon bar completion and rock disappears.... thought events were supposed to be fun and not agitate people.....hmm
  25. Detonation Stations

    wouldnt be any complaining if they worked right ;P cant force devs to beta test events tho....too much work lifting a finger..