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  1. wtf is PVP now ? are you kidding me?

    I agree. Less cry more farming uwu
  2. ABSURD retune prices

    I spent arround 20kk retuning book to get 20% casting speed and the other stats are decent too but it still isnt what I want >.>
  3. :THINKING EMOJI: +15 ultimate EK

    You can't buy pvp enchantment stones on BCM
  4. :THINKING EMOJI: +15 ultimate EK

    Lol I cant even get legen +15
  5. Freakin' 0 Damage on enemy during pvp...

    I already have full inqui +11/+12 with tunic +15 (just working on mats to purify) I already purifiend book which is legendary +6 right now. But if you rush all your stones to one piece of gear you wont pass +5 >.>
  6. Freakin' 0 Damage on enemy during pvp...

    Yeah try to make a group if you cant solo camps. There is nothing to fix you must work hard to enchant/purify your gear. In this patch is easier get/enchant gear than previous patches.