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  1. When Cyan said rates will be fixed then will be fixed you dont have to remind him every half year
  2. yeea I really dont care this game is substitute of game, there are many others.. they can just shutdown servers today
  3. I can laugh at this i made a topic before and was deleted in 3 mins LETS MAKE AN EVENT FOR NCSOFT, LETS STOP PAYING MONEY FOR A MONTH OR TWO
  4. Did u knew Cyan is talking to hes imaginary friend he called him developers
  5. What can i say 6.2 is unplayable all is LOCKED BLOCKED DENIED low Rate on everything "mmo" best joke of the years, the most funny is NC lock down new players ( new whales wannabe are lost, NC translate = thousands euros are lost ) to leave this game in blink of the aye. NO progress, no fun ,no money, no life.
  6. Everyone is saying RNG RNG i can say one thing to this peoples who believe in RNG, its bull shit all they are heard three letter word and saying like a monkeys. First and last RNG depends on it how its implemented i doubt it can be real RNG more like semi rng to drain your pockets.
  7. really? i had +14 3x failed 3 times with legendary stones
  8. The proper one, Aion is damn Money Laundering coz i dont see any other logic what they doing, i can bring a few guys from the street to manage this game and it would be better than this.
  9. Man dont bother yourself they dont know mechanics of game/vendor/ i dont see potential of that team hired in NC, this game is going to be shut down soon
  10. Some of this should have been fixed immediately in one week
  11. noone is asking about the core mechanics but simply set up rates or some minor tunes it can be done by NCfail if they cant do this they should rollup poor company and let someone who can
  12. it cannot be a normal bot, special one who doesn't use the graphics engine separately but display it simultaneously on the one screen, kinda one screen (multi)client
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