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  1. Ended up buying one of those earlier for 150m, thanks everyone!
  2. Hello everyone, as the title says im a returning players looking to buy a mount since ive decided to play a new character. I have around 300m to spare (hopefully thats enough). I would buy one from the BCM, but none of the ones available at the moment appeal enough to me to spend real cash on them If anyone is willing to sell me one id appreciate the help, if youre looking for more than 300m kinah im sure we can make an arrangement, just let me know, tyvm.
  3. I find it weird there are not as many AT in KT as there are in DN given how faceroll that class gets after a while, and like I said 800~900 crit spell is where I am right now but its still a work in progress, still no minion/plume/etc... , also is Frozen Monolith the end game atm? I had understood it was Bastion of Souls since thats where you get the materials to upgrade Harvester gear, thanks for the info btw!.
  4. Ahh I see, Thanks everyone, well if thats the case then I should be fine with my PVE equips when im done enchanting them + getting a plume, and a minion, currently sitting at 4k mboost / 2700 macc unbuffed and all my items are +0 except the wings. I should be fine just aiming for 5.400~5.800 mboost then because in an ally theres bound to be an AT and those guys keep sundering blade up 100% of the time + I always carry juggernaut cannon socketed. As for Crit Spell I find it weird how that is a thing now lol (I stopped playing after the DD patch) but if the cap is 1250 and im around 85
  5. Damn that sucks, I would surely spend some $$ on the shop for those or even the dux wings, anyway, any idea of the magic boost / magical accuracy caps? Against Bastion of Souls bosses I mean, and thank you so much for the help so far.
  6. Hello; old returning player looking for info on the following things: A) What is the current PVE Magic boost / Magical Accuracy cap on 5.8? B) What is the name, and how to get the wings the character is wearing on minute: 3:04 on the linked video? ( The wings of the deity general on kaldor ) apparently they were added on 5.3 but I cant find them in-game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_wBfuNZreI&t=213s Would appreciate the help, I know many are gonna just recommend me not doing anything and just wait till 6.0 to play but honestly id rather just play now, I have a bunc
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