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  1. This is one of the best things I've ever seen happen to Aion and was a severe blow to the botting community. Good work.
  2. Really wish this would work. I'd love to make PVE guides (class, instances, etc...) but GeForce Experience doesn't recognize AION as a game so I can't Shadowplay or use the internal Video Recording Client. Kinda a bummer. Please get this fixed.
  3. Heres the deal with Aion NA. It will likely never go extinct, but lets be real, as soon as Lineage Eternal comes out I doubt there will be anyone left playing this game except for Latins and Brazilians (just because they lag so far behind in acquisition.) I'm personally only playing this game as a placeholder for Lineage Eternal -- ofc LE will be out in two years so enjoy the fuk outta this game for the next two years!!!
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