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  1. We should be more mindful in a sense of using oversimplified terms and voicing opinions on behalf of others. For me personally, it’s challenging to communicate an intrinsic point of view. That being said... perhaps boring games shouldn’t be played. However, if one appreciates a game in such a way that they will play it while being bored...how much more incredible would it be for said player, or you in this scenario, if it wasn’t boring? If you can’t trust someone else to do (the job) or get what you want and need, you have to get it for yourself. Even better, getting to that desired outc
  2. They already have setup something like this. In fact, the way I understood it is that there’s a specific process to submit ideas and voice them more efficiently than on the forums. I’m not sure if it’s entirely difficult to follow those instructions however..
  3. You’re right. Repeated behaviors while expecting a different outcome is just insane wouldn’t you say? And it’s frustrating to personally “give a s—-“ and feel like it’s not reciprocated. So perhaps it’s not a matter of making the right comments but asking the appropriate questions? - form a player base perspective how would “xyz” benefit them? - form a business perspective, what is the return on said possible solutions? - how do we bridge those gaps given that previous attempt were not entirely successful? I think we need to understand that gaming communities h
  4. Players, I can understand the frustration. These recent changes allowed us some really interesting benefits and upped some of our in game spirits; which is incredibly valuable. Further echoing your sentiments, and concerns, about the game losing its players base is equally if not more important than anything. Another perspective on the matter is that Luna crafting was essentially a gift. It’s not entirely a best practice to criticize receiving something like that. Meaning to say, we could appreciate it in a way that would yield more “gifts” if you will. Secondly, caring for th
  5. I did a little bit of testing and here are the results: Healing booze does affect on stoppable bodyguard per tick. Healing boots also affects prayer of resilience. With about 500 magic boost I heal an extra several hundred per tick with unstoppable bodyguard. As well as, 900 more restored HP on prayer of resilience. Hope this helps About Life Leaching Skill: correct @mooMOOMooMoomoo-KT, I can confirm that healing boost does NOT effect those types of skills.
  6. Hi iBrollo, great question and hopefully sharing some of my insights will be helpful to you. Also, I see you here and there and just want to compliment your skinning choices l; that yellow/golden look is pretty awesome! Recommendations - Callous: I recommend going with Callus Strike. There are two reasons that come to mind before others. 1: you may use this skill on bosses, providing a damage increase to you while upping your sustainability because the debuff works on bosses like Beritra. 2: you may decrease the cool down significantly with a high crit rate and combining that crit rate wi
  7. Question: would a fellow Templar share about how healing boost effects us? skills to consider: - Draining Slash - Pray of Resilience - Invigorating Strike - Unstoppable Iron - etc: potions and serums
  8. (There will be typos) Dear GM Staff & NC Soft & Aion Players Friend and Foe, I hope my message finds you well this special Saturday. The reason for this reply is to address some very special members of the Aion community. To be more specific, I would like to express deep gratitude, as well as offer an apology with my sincerest regards. In gratitude: I humbly, and in late fashion, I thank NC Soft, GM Staff, Content Creators, Streamers, Community Engagers, Community representatives, Veteran Players, Governors, Generals, Officers, New Players near and far. I am thankful to
  9. Looking forward to this first step, progression, and the future of Aion. Zipzap, thank you for posting this, you are greatly appreciated!
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