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  1. ya have a cleric is rly better, for a chanter is better to just helps dps and sup
  2. we can solo heal pf and idd with daeva skill. at least i do it =q the others need to know all the mechanics and its good to have a better gear.
  3. Shugo Sweep Rewards

  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    lots of old games need DX to work(its a winlib) but now we have vulkan, but nway lots of anticheats demand full control over the SO and linux cant allow it. nway i'll try to run it on my note now =q
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    im a coding nerd @.@ u play on windows at home but i like to play on my programming note like now. i need to 28 1h for next class
  6. Blank entries in Glory Point leaderboard

    its a visual bug, my char have this issue.
  7. Manastone Fastener

    Isst better just buy some ultimate fail ?
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    ncwest have plans to give suport to linux?
  9. @Cyan

    Devil u have permited hacks. Kkkkk
  10. Can't buy Sandboxie any alternate program ? :o

    Do like everything on internet. Buy it. Or crack Looks easy to bypass xi gcode. I see a lot of post about it when i try to run aion on linux( anticheat is the only reason u cant play )
  11. @Cyan

    Someone said me its come on 6.0 if it stay in the game on like a year isnt a feature? Now seriously im used to reset ad and ec to get leg etium and enchants. U cant pay for it if u have entries. And if u want some punishment for bug abuse everyone who broke the event coin is abusing a bug. If u dont want to be kicked enter on darmani premade btw or mayuchi (asmos)
  12. Make altars faction based and not legion based please!

    get an altar is a huge challenge too.
  13. Make altars faction based and not legion based please!

    altars are faction based. the legion who get it just receive more benefits.
  14. End Of The World Instance not dropping chest

    or maybe cubic lab ill be instance for cubics in 7.0 to help us with cubic. its a good question.
  15. Current Gear on 7.0

    Bullshit. Actual gear pvp is one grade lower then 7.0 on pvp. On pve has a new top set but pandora still been like now.