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  1. how are they supposed to milk you for money if they do that?
  2. Legion Mount bugged?

    Working as intended.
  3. Let us store kinah in account wh

    They would just shut down the game. Cuz NC logic.
  4. Maybe I learned a different kind of reading style but I don't see anyone being called evil, stupid, or wrong here. Delessa simply says they find it puzzling, a far cry from what got read into their statement. I'm still waiting on someone to actually defend how absurdly difficult NC made it to get these contracts. From a business standpoint? It's brilliant. It even bears all the hallmarks of the mobile gaming industry's predatory practices, which have made those dev's incredible amounts of profit. Devil's post about the stats is spot on. The transform system allows for a flexibility in stat combinations that is really neat! Cast speed and attack speed together from consumables is a really neat combo. But as someone mentioned before, NC doesn't need a healthy game or player base. They just need to make money. And if they can hook just a small percentage of people into spending hundreds or thousands each, mission accomplished. I have to agree with Delessa. I also find it puzzling that anyone would be ok with NC ripping their player base off like this. My mind would be changed if they offered to take people to instances to help them gear if they didn't have any decent transforms, but I have a feeling they would be the first ones requiring transforms for a run.
  5. Nothing good means that the stats either don't apply to their class, or the tier is too low to have a useful combination of stats for their class. You can get 100 penguin transforms and run around all day, but that will never increase your attack speed or cast speed. Some people don't care what they look like. They find them all ugly, but if you're gonna be ugly and unable to look at your own character, at least they would like stats that benefit their class.
  6. Locked housing cabinet

    Ok I'm an idiot, I failed to pull out the cabinet from storage. Please lock/delete.
  7. So I have to somehow buy a new cabinet to get to the stuff in the one that got taken out of the game. Unfortunately, the NPC that sold the cabinet either got removed, or I just can't find it. Am I stuck waiting on a ticket to get replied to?
  8. This event that awards ancient contracts would only be relevant if you could pick the transform you want, but you can't. So if you play say, gladi or sin, and you get your ancient contract and you end up with an Ancient Tiamat Drakans, guess what you got out of it? NOTHING. You are gimped behind such an RNG heavy paywalled mechanic that I'm sure EA would be proud. People aren't mad at the transformation system. They're mad at how it's been implemented. It's an obvious cash grab and luckily for NC, there's enough whales around that will spend the money to keep em afloat after most people say screw it.
  9. NCWEST Please take this post seriously

    Completely agree. The whole candy argument is flawed because you could use scrolls at that point to get the important stats boosted (i.e. attack/cast speed and run speed). With those scrolls GONE, the only option is transformations, in effect making them mandatory. I keep seeing people ask, did you not use candies? NO! There was no reason to because scrolls were good enough that if you didn't want to look at an ugly furry instead of the character you spent time and money on, you DID NOT HAVE TO. That choice is gone with the departure of scolls, hence the backlash against the current way transparent transform scrolls can be acquired.
  10. "Must wait 1 minute before entering."

    So I had NC support reset my entries, and my page shows 3/3 entries, but I still get the 1 minute message lol.. So nyerked.
  11. Prime Forge

    1 pve stone for everyone to roll on?
  12. Ranger 6.2 Stigmas/Manastones

    I'm stuck with Lightning Arrow build since theres no way to get stigmas anymore and it's what I used to run for pretty much everything. Looks like some skills have changed and the Agonizing Arrow build is now quite good, but I don't mind LA too much
  13. I've got the same issue and got a ticket in but nothing yet... Really hope they fix it soon I'm missing out on pumpkins!
  14. Divine Road Sanctum

    The plastic surgery is now accessed through the Gold Sand Traders window. Click on the costumes tab on the top, and you'll see the appearance change buttons like so: Note you have to be in Panda/Sanctum for them to work!
  15. Transformations Are Dumb

    When it comes to dollar signs in the eyes of executives, reason is non-existent. You are quite correct. There is quite a bit of noise about this and not in a good way so hoping that a future patch will address this issue in NA, because that's what it is. An issue. Myself and a few friends are cautiously progressing in this patch to see what happens, but if we get told to nyerk off by ncsoft and deal with it I'm done. Most everything else is reasonable, but as has been said before, the only way to stem the eventual migration of players pissed off by this xform system is to make transparent scrolls easily available in game and an event where you can PICK at least an ancient level transformation to keep permanently.