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  1. What do you expect CM's to do about it? They aren't the developers. Their job is to interact with the community, and at the end of the day, whatever Aion Korea gets is what we will get (for the most part). If you don't like it THAT much I'd say it's finally time to move on.
  2. To be fair, that was back when we lost MUCH more ap for death in pvp (before the nerf to ap loss) and it was also much harder to get ap back then, so it was ACTUALLY hindering to be a high rank while trying to progress.
  3. What? Just because a couple of people who have been posting here have tried EU first does NOT make this true. There have been people who planned on returning to the game in general posting concerns, I personally have had quite a bit of friends who were interested in coming back to the game, and myself, none of whom have played the the EU servers. Even if someone did play on an EU server, why would that make them not a "true" returning player? You're grasping at straws trying to validate a point.
  4. I mean come on, you literally just emphasized my point. You are a current player that utilized the event as much as you could across multiple characters. Do you SERIOUSLY think many new or returning user will see an event that they probably BARELY understand on the news feed, and invest that much effort into the game? Let me answer that for you; no. I actually have farmed it a bit, though not much, just so I have some money for the new patch, but almost all of my friends that plan on (or planned on) did NOT do that. Why? Because most returning people don't know or care about whats going on rig
  5. This is very wrong and let me tell you why; Most new/returning users are going to be coming back once the patch hits, not 3 weeks in advance. Also, any new players who did decide to start early STILL don't really benefit as most of the instances that are a part of the event are end-game or near end-game instances. The only people this event SERIOUSLY benefits are the people who have been playing (go figure) and use it to max out everything they have, furthering the gap between the new and current players. It's easy for players on the forums who have been playing the game for a while now to te
  6. I believe that not everyone who gets a strong transform will be whales. There surely will be people who will pick weaker transforms if it means less money out of their pockets. And for the people are whales and don't mind throwing tons of money to always have top stats, why not make them pay more for it? Helps support the game more, right?
  7. If transform duration is lowered based on the quality of the transform (assuming the information is correct), that means people who do have access to higher grade transforms have to decide between spending more money for better stats vs settling for lower stats for longer periods of time. It could be a good thing, since it provides incentive to use lower grade transforms, which helps people who can't or don't want to put money into getting good ones.
  8. I would much rather, as a returning user, and lose/die to people who are better than me than play on a server where I'm at a severe disadvantage because of gear/resources. I agree that the ability to cross server things on a new server is a bad mechanic, but that doesn't change the fact that the "veterans" that do re-roll on a fresh start will still have to start over. Will people with cross server connections gear up faster? Of course they will, there is always people with connections or more knowledge (specifically for games that come from other regions), etc that will be ahead of the curve
  9. His argument is that why would he want to play on a server where people are literally going to have the best gear (thanks for bumping up the gear exchange btw) right away, and struggle to catch up rather than actually having fun, when he could just play in a fresh server where that isn't an issue. Your argument about kinah being hard to obtain on any server has zero relevance to that issue, if anything it reinforces it. Why struggle to catch up in a patch where getting money is HARDER?
  10. It doesn't matter if I or any other returning user leaves again or not. The only thing that matters is that I came, played for a bit and dropped some money on the game. This game can't survive on its existing player base, it needs new and returning users as well. If you want the game to keep its servers alive, keep getting updates, whatever, it needs to be making enough money ESPECIALLY when a big content drop like this patch comes around. Let's be honest the people that are STILL playing the game despite its current state probably aren't going to quit because a new server gets launched, even
  11. Why are the people who are currently playing the game so against a new server? I keep seeing the "my population is going to go down" and "its just gunna die in a few months anyways" arguments, but you realize that any returning/new user that was interested in this patch is going to be HIGHLY turned off on the idea of starting on an old server? I myself have friends that wanted to return to the game but WON'T if there isn't a new server. You people who have been abhorrently against are being selfish and it is only going to hurt you in the long run because NCwest will make significantly LESS mon
  12. cmon dude, I put TONS of money and HARD WORK into the armor I have now, I shouldn't EVER have to progress through any new content ever again. I'd rather afk in the main town of the new zone and play runescape on my 2nd monitor
  13. But isn't that what they are doing, giving players gear to start new content? The stat/armor system is getting revamped so rather than just have people continue on with what they had, they are translating it into something that better fits into the new system. So that's why my overall point is that I find it odd that people are upset about it, and it seems like people were expecting their current good/endgame gear to translate into something similar for the new content.
  14. To me, using pay2win as a reason to be in an uproar over gear becoming obsolete is insane. When you spend money on a game like this, you should be doing so KNOWING that eventually whatever gear you are spending money on is eventually going to become obsolete when a new expansion is released. It's like that in (almost) every MMO out there that releases expansions. It's even been like that in THIS game since the 3.x expansions, every new expansion rendered old gear nearly useless, which is why I'm confused that this is just now becoming an issue for players. Pay2win is a choice that players make
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