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  1. locate your installation folder and look for Data inside you will find a folder called Dump edit with notepad or notepad++ the document called options and set normalstop from 0 to 1 now edit the document to only read so the game can't edit back to 0 done, you will stop the autoloading every time the game start it will load at 100% so you wont lose time with those lovely evergale DC sendlogs etc
  2. New server yeah ... after some months 6.0 came out and theyr done milking old users once the server population start going low they will fuse servers and launch a new one
  3. I invited a good friend of mine to play again aion since the 6.0 was close and told him to try to enchant the prime guardian to +15 and accs to +5 since i was specting that ncsoft goes a bit soft than korea taking in mind that per week a free and casual user can get 2 to 5 omegas maybe more with events he was able to enchat his gear now that the table come and he asked me what he would get i just told him man you will get a kick in the ass cause all the work you done is gone not fair but is what it is
  4. Agree you can get basic gear from quests but when you start to get kicked from partys cause you don't at least have the ancient entry gear people gona start leaving to the new server if thers gona be one or just quit the game this exchange table basically only help the veterans that have been grinding 24/7 or the p2w users leaving the returning players and new ones being unable to stand a chance againts players on pvp instances and world pvp and also being unable to join partys at pve to grind the new gear.
  5. If u think exchange gear is endgame on 6.2 your so wrong thats the entry gear to be able to grind the new one without gear you gona have a really bad time getting killed by any mob in the dungeons and even worse by the wallet warriors 5.8 gear is useless on 6.2 so basically most of the players gona be naked
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