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  1. WTF I can't equip my soulbound pvp gear+15 anymore??

    - when do you mean was such patch notes published? It's was even impossible to know about the date when the new patch starts before like Oct.3, 3 weeks before the update! About the details, also many things were uncertain or desinformation! The things applied to Korea or EU far not necessarily happened the same way to NA. My gear had been fully done like a year ago! They DID allow Chanter to use some things of leather and Cloth and I did it without a violation of rules! I did it for the sake of good looks! Then, since there was no violation in my actions and lots of effort applied by me, they must give some decent compensation since they changed the rules! They didn't even unbind the things that became forbidden to me, isn't it absurd? - they are NOT BETTER AT ALL! All this new gear is denied of speed and flight time which I had in my old gear and I would like to wear similar or same things of Chain as I had of Cloth and Leather, I DON"T WANT to wear this new gear, it sucks! I can reach 80 very quickly, but will there be any gear with speed, attack/casting speed, flight speed and flight time available? I highly doubt about that so far!
  2. Where is the Legion Warehouse??? I didn't find it in Enshar! There were things in it! What has happened???
  3. WTF I can't equip my soulbound pvp gear+15 anymore??

    Not that can't find any gear of my class to put on - I can, I had Lunatic Modor box, Hyperion armor boxes and other archdaevic gear from stamps, quest rewards (hopefully on my other toons and can still trade), but those won't give me the desirable appearance, and not pvp, and not enchanted. Experience is gotten here crazily fast! House butler turns toons from 73 to 74, a couple of Lunas and 74 turns to 75. This is not a problem anyway.
  4. My character is a chanter and used Boundless Cloth Breast Protector of Oath, Boundless Cloth Shoes of Oath, Boundless Leather Hand Protectors of Oath, all socketed and enchanted +15 and with skins of Modor Songweaver's Tunic, Combative Shoes, Vambrace of the Labyrinth. On the previous patch it was all allowed, I didn't hack the memory of the server, I didn't violate anything! I chose these cloth things (jacket, shoes) because they looked best on him, and I couldn't find any Chain skins for his jacket and shoes that would look good enough like these things of Cloth! So I bought them in Cloth to remodel them with these Cloth skins! I spent much kinah and effort to get them to +15 and enjoyed his appearance and he was good in combat too! The gloves happened to be there of leather because I didn't find chanter's handguards of Chain, the appearance could vary, as they get hidden behind the tunic. I could have bought handguards for AP but it happened so that the leather gloves with attack speed were already there and I didn't even realize that they were not chain when I enchanted them +15. Most important was the jacket and 2nd - shoes. If the game rules allowed me to wear them on a Chanter in that patch, and I spent very much for enchanting, then why do they pull them now off my character and he can't equip them any more, without any compensation? ?? They must give me a worth compensation for it! They denied the character of his pvp-combatability and appearance, both!! If they don't want to allow him wear cloth and leather, which were allowed before, then they must 1) give him correcponding armor pieces of Chain +15 and with same manastones 2) Make Modor Songweaver Tunic available as a skin for any class 3) Make Combative Shoes available as a skin for any class, or something looking similar. 4) Unbind the things I cannot wear anymore. It's kinda ridiculous - soulbound but can't wear, isn't it? Otherwise it's a cruel robbery, as they made my character unplayable!
  5. Transformation crap

    It doesn't make the potions better, still worse. I tried some on some toon and it changed their appearance and only lasted for 5 min And even the number of them is like 100 times less than the number of Code Red scrolls the character previously had
  6. Transformation crap

    Why??? I always used 30 min scrolls (from Code Red) and 1 hour scrolls in pvp, in Dredion, on siege, they don't disappear while dying, unlikely 5 min scrolls that could be crafted. They made my resurrection easier. I simply used them everywhere (esp. Axelerox). Sometimes they were removed by Spiritmasters and Songweavers, but I had like 1000 on each main (who went to Dredgion) and didn't think I had to stop using them in pvp because they got removed by those classes. They were comfortable - short CD, prolonged after death. Yes, it's called Potion, but what difference? I got 13 on this toon, some older mains got 30, not more (who had 900 Axeleroxes+Blitzopan+Critoyn+Greater Raging Wind+ Strike resistance or Magic suppression) and they are effective for 5 min, right? Can you use Code Red scrolls now? just because you didn't open the boxes, and opened them after the patch?? I opened them shortly after getting them, and so you have advantage over me because of that??? Can you call it justifiable??? I see it as VERY unjustifiable, just like game developers forgot that thing, didn't pay attention, that opening boxes earlier or later must be same, not so different as you describe! I could just complain about this error, calling it an "exploit", because this is not normal!
  7. Transformation crap

    But any transformation scrolls with stats only work for 5 min! (correct?) We had like 500-900 Axeleroxes, Blitzopans, Castafodins, Critozyns, Mojocyclins effective for 30 min, some had 1 hour scrolls for these stats, but what we got in exchange for that were about 10 Transformation scrolls effective for 5 min, and none of them is Transparent! We've been robbed cruelly! Take into account that the abovementioned 30 min scrolls were untradeable, so we didn't get them by using multiple toons in events and collecting the scrolls on mains! Where is any justice?? How to get those Transparent scrolls, are they very expensive, rare in Luna?
  8. Transformation crap

    I wanna jump into a black hole and go into a next world!! Besides the appearance problem (stupid transformations), they removed my Wind Mantra and Swiftwing! Songweaver lost Soaring Sonnet! Why do they deny us of important skills about flight?? It's not even combative skills, if they thought about equalizing diff classes in power! We spend much flight time while sprinting,VERY much, we need to restore it! Wind serums have long cooldowns! Songweaver was a wonderful class to sprint and fly together! Chanter was good too with Wind Mantra. Best things disappear!
  9. [Updated] Aion Equipment System Update - 8/29

    Where are such "daily camp quests"?? I used to do quests in outposts. Not much kinah anyway, nothing like 20 mln.
  10. [Updated] Aion Equipment System Update - 8/29

    I wrote in English. I meant it's very disastrous to lose a +15 piece of gear.
  11. [Updated] Aion Equipment System Update - 8/29

    "Purifying" = enchanting to >+10, going to npc in Pandemonium, adding medals and AP, losing 5 enchantment points and appearance? Why is lev 80 very difficult but lev 75 not difficult at all?
  12. [Updated] Aion Equipment System Update - 8/29

    Prime Commander - is it from Eye of Tiamaranta, not AP? 1 simple Omega costs around 100mln kinah. In a thing enchanted +15, Omegas alone cost 1,5 bln kinah. If you farm in Norsvold for half a day you get like 500,000 k.
  13. [Updated] Aion Equipment System Update - 8/29

    Does it really happen in the game that somebody enchants in such conditions to +35? I don't believe! The item can be destroyed, it's crazy!
  14. [Updated] Aion Equipment System Update - 8/29

    Sorry, how is it possible to enchant Archdaevic gear to +35? After +15, without supplements? But it breaks? Or not? Anyway, even simple Omegas are quite expensive so I enchant slowly to +15, but Shinings are 4-5 times more expensive :(.