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    What they should make is a server that we can get our quests done in PEACE and not have to be harassed by players when we do not have gear and are constantly being zerged. We shouldn't have to be FORCED to pvp if we are not ready for it and dont want to!! That alone makes a person want to quit.
  2. Luna weekly bugged still

    No I'm not talking about the boss itself, of course I know it doesnt give any experience. It only gives experience from the orbs that drop. It's the same situation like they had with Luna daily after they uploaded the patch, apparently they forgot about the weekly.
  3. Luna weekly bugged still

    Yes that's correct, I noticed they fixed the daily but I just did the weekly on two characters and there was no exp drop after 75. I still was able to get the item for quest though. I hope they will fix it before the next maintenance.
  4. Luna weekly bugged still

    I know I meant the experience that you get when the boss dies. Or did they change it and no longer gives any exp?
  5. Luna weekly bugged still

    Looks like you guys also need to fix the drop in Luna weekly for 76+. I just ran it on my toon for nothing because the boss didnt drop anything.
  6. Extracting

    I knew I had seen them somewhere in game. Yeah that is definitely not worth it. So stupid they don't have an NPC to exchange the 65 eq like they do with the lower AP/BM gears. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Extracting

    Does anyone know where to get "extraction tools" in game, for extracting 65 AP gear?
  8. The Alchemy Event Instances and Rewards List

    +4 manastones really? What are we supposed to do with that? Cant even sell them. For all the money people spend in this game, thats the best reward you can come up with?! And why is it that the gold boxes give as much shit as the copper?? I thought its suppose to give better not the same or worse lol .