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  1. Biggest Mistake - PVE instances too easy (No cleric needed for FM, 4 man PF, 6 man IDD.... alts now have legendary and ultimate gear) Why do we need more pve gear if we can already complete the pve content??? Ok - PVP too easy (except for whales.. most people are killable after playing hard for a month)
  2. Why PVE after you're geared??? 1. Sell gear for kinah.... 2. Pve = Exp = Morph Enchantment Stones 3. Carry and gear up your friends/legion mates 4. Gear up your alts
  3. I would love to watch an animated Aion series... it could bring the game more attention and obtain more playerbase =) NCsoft get to work...or someone get some crowdfunding for licensing and get a project going! Aion Season 1: Tower of Eternity
  4. Oops =) I apologize to the Mother of many Balaurs.
  5. The true experience is to form a league of two alliance and make people make pretend to hunt mobs for 48 of the entry keys, which is no longer required right? and yes your not allowed to level pass 55.. and don't destroy the eggs too fast so you get to experience being trampled by balaur spawning and having people running back and forth with soul sickness =) And then not have enough loot for everyone who waited to join the instance once a week A lot of people used to sit in there for hours and kill it with 1 group using a wall glitch because there wasn't really enough loot to make it wort
  6. It's tough... if you enjoy the game... you gotta tough it out. Make friends and focus on what you enjoy.... many months will past and you will have your gear that you've been working on and then you will be wrecking those players with crappier gear than yourself. =) Try to make a static so that you have less down time. But also don't isolate yourself to a small group so that you will always be able to run instances without too much wait time. Try best to not say no when people need you for an instance... you will eventually need them back one day whether its for you or so that you can re
  7. Needed to add... although it's very unfair for newer/less active players... from an individual standpoint which I agree with Xiiliea. Therefore it sucks that not all of the playerbase can get to experience the content. However, Rapier has a good point because those who grind hard and are probably more geared should have the better chance to get into this PVP instance. Panesterra is for your server and faction. You need the stronger players in there for higher probability of being victorious. Aion can't be fair to all.
  8. I agree that Panesterra entry was very unfair to newer or less active players. VERY UNFAIR! Most people here probably don't know me, but I was governor in Siel-Asmos when Panesterra first came out and I was therefore always guaranteed a spot.... However, it didn't feel good when all my lower ranked friends couldn't get in. Week after week, they try to click as fast as they can... set up macros to click.. and it just didn't work out. That was partial in my decision to step down, me not wanting to always go to Panesterra on a Saturday afternoon. There were other sieges before a
  9. @xiilieaxz-DN Hi Xiiliea, my memories fades since its been almost 3 years since I was in a proper siege (I think I've logged in once every 6 months just to do random zergs in the game for fun.)... but I remember you were a cleric! I remember clerics because you guys always save my butt when I transform =) You were in a legion named shugo something... I don't recall. And yeah, people had informed me about how serious of a difference a geared player vs an avg geared player is.
  10. @Nyali-DN Hello =P @Cheesecake-DN I hear ya... also the 100 to 0 gets worst and worst with each update because upgrade in DPS stats on weapons and accessories has been greater than the upgrade on defensive stats on armor and stuff. And if it was harder to kill someone, it would promote more team play. @Mirei-KT Yup, the purpose is gone or very lacking... pvp isn't really on the to do list with everyone's limited time to play and plenty of other things to do. @iKkiana-DN Fellow Asmodian... "Blood for Blood" =)
  11. The playerbase dictate how the pvp is... the downfall of pvp was due to most folks being too focused on having the best gear in order to pvp. If more undergeared players are willing to go fight from each faction.. even if they are squishy... both sides will eventually have opponents that are on par with themselves that they can fight. But then again... back in the days there was more incentives to want to pvp. The game created too many PVE methods of creating PVP gear. They need to bring back quests that requires pvp to get the newer pvp gear. Just saying hi, ~Iczel P.S. Never
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