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  1. @Kibbelz We understand that skins wasnt on the highest topic on the list but now a lot of people want skins. It’s what makes the game fun. If you guys bring this to NA, I’m sure a lot of people would appreciate it. Skins make the game a lot of fun.
  2. I only have to say something; Have you seen what the gameforge players are saying about the events? Most of them are rubbish !
  3. If you can't commit a ton of time or a ton of money to the game, using yellow stones from 10 -> 11 is more advantageous than purple.
  4. Just know that I just failed 96 ancient pvp stones in a row on a +10 legendary piece. Oh and also remember that the probability of 10 -> 11 using ancient stones on purple is only 0.5% lower than the probability of combining two ancient transforms and getting a legendary. Let alone a legendary you're looking for. So get hyped. And yeah, the purple stone that I used for 11 -> 12 failed too.
  5. Got it - so most people have to deal with terrible frames even with good computers?
  6. Hi all, I'm sure there have been tons of threads about this in the past, but I couldn't see any off an immediate google search and didn't want to keep looking. Basically, I have a somewhat major FPS issue in Aion. In town I normally have 15-30 FPS and at sieges (with players turned off) I have 0-10. I play with lowest settings aside from high texture detail, terrain range, and object range. My GPU is a 1080 and my CPU is an i5-8400. I have no issues with any other game and easily hit 144 with high settings or 300 with low settings elsewhere. It's really only Aion that I have issues w
  7. Yes - Dizzying Smash is the one I'm talking about. I'm not trying to nitpick or anything but do you think you got the hitmarker because it's an AoE and there was an Elyos player nearby? I've still yet to see it hit. Also, please, any other chanters can you test this and let me know?
  8. Assumed this wasn't relevant but the more I think about it, it most definitely is - I'm talking about the AoE version that does 2x damage of the original skill (whatever it's called). Sorry for the confusion!
  9. Idk if this is a bug but wanted to see if other chanters have this issue - using melee smash on lakrum siege gate misses literally 100% of the time. Like I don't think I've EVER seen it hit. I have 12.3k accuracy unbuffed and all of my other skills hit the gate. I have no issue with abyss gate either, it's only lakrum gate. I'm not sure if it's just me getting caught up or the server lagging or something, but I've still yet to see the skill hit. So yeah chanters if you guys have noticed this please say something so we can try and figure this out - if you haven't please pay attention next
  10. Oh yes, I bet if we post more pictures of transparent scrolls, they'll realize that that's what we want! Seriously, can we just stop? They know we want them, and it's just annoying at this point when the entire forums is just people complaining about the same thing. "Getting to see my character shouldn't be a luxury!" "Can't even see the character that I created." "I can't see my skins!" It's really just an echo chamber.
  11. Prestige costs 15$ so it's worth it if you do all your weekly resets every week.
  12. If anyone KT-E has one please mail me, looking to buy.
  13. While this would be nice, please no. Then everyone will be running around full ultimate +15. The game is really annoying due to slow progression but it's still so much better than pay to win. I think it would be nice if they had more reasonable prices than what they currently do, but nothing like this please.
  14. I agree that this is definitely needed in some way, but the issue is that Aion is a really small game compared to games like CS, Overwatch, League, etc. It would thus take an eternity for players at the bottom or top of the ladder to find a queue. On a side not, how do I even see the rankings from in game?
  15. I'm not sure how a pity counter for enchanting would work. If you fail 5 yellows on a yellow piece from 10-11 when the probability is 1/2, the game should probably just give you the +1, but then you're at a point at which you could lose your progress (by design), so it's not really that much of a help. Then again, I don't think getting yellow pieces to +15 is that difficult right now. I think you're right that the Enchantment system has a counter to the RNG of enchanting in morphing red stones - perhaps that's a better solution to a pity counter. Even so, I've heard stories of players fail
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