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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 13, 2019

    Oh yes, I bet if we post more pictures of transparent scrolls, they'll realize that that's what we want! Seriously, can we just stop? They know we want them, and it's just annoying at this point when the entire forums is just people complaining about the same thing. "Getting to see my character shouldn't be a luxury!" "Can't even see the character that I created." "I can't see my skins!" It's really just an echo chamber.
  2. looking for reasons to renew my prestige pass

    Prestige costs 15$ so it's worth it if you do all your weekly resets every week.
  3. Joyful Festival Costume

    If anyone KT-E has one please mail me, looking to buy.
  4. BCM JOKE 2019

    While this would be nice, please no. Then everyone will be running around full ultimate +15. The game is really annoying due to slow progression but it's still so much better than pay to win. I think it would be nice if they had more reasonable prices than what they currently do, but nothing like this please.
  5. Arena of Harmony | Queue Into Your Alts

    I agree that this is definitely needed in some way, but the issue is that Aion is a really small game compared to games like CS, Overwatch, League, etc. It would thus take an eternity for players at the bottom or top of the ladder to find a queue. On a side not, how do I even see the rankings from in game?
  6. Pity Counter for RNG Related Mechanics

    I'm not sure how a pity counter for enchanting would work. If you fail 5 yellows on a yellow piece from 10-11 when the probability is 1/2, the game should probably just give you the +1, but then you're at a point at which you could lose your progress (by design), so it's not really that much of a help. Then again, I don't think getting yellow pieces to +15 is that difficult right now. I think you're right that the Enchantment system has a counter to the RNG of enchanting in morphing red stones - perhaps that's a better solution to a pity counter. Even so, I've heard stories of players failing tens of red stones trying to get a piece from 14 to 15 which is where the system could be improved. I think a pity counter would help the most in places like crafting, luna crafting, manastone socketing, opening RNG bundles (lockboxes, event boxes, etc.), instances, PvP instance bundles, minion combining, transform combining, and possibly world bosses/Anomos (though that's a really delicate line). But seeing as they'd have to redesign a good portion of the game to implement such a system, I really highly doubt that this can be implemented any time soon, especially when it's just a bunch of players talking about it on the NA forums for a Korean game.
  7. Hi everyone, I wanted to ask about thoughts regarding a "pity counter" for the RNG mechanics in Aion (such as enchanting, crafting, etc.). For those who are unaware of what they are, pity counters are systems implemented by game companies to basically guarantee success (loosely defined) for RNG related mechanics after an individual fails to succeed after many, many attempts. For instance, in Hearthstone, which is a digital "trading" card game, players must add cards to their collection by opening card packs. The rarest cards are called Legendary cards, and have a fairly low chance of dropping from card packs. But, if individuals continuously open packs without receiving any Legendary cards, the probability of receiving one begins to increase, until after whiffing 40 packs in a row, there is a 100% chance of receiving a Legendary card. Such a system rewards players who are willing to commit time and money into a game that they enjoy. No matter how unlucky you are, you can still progress in that game; in Aion, this is not always the case. The nature of this patch seems to be "grind hundreds of enchantment stones a week and throw them at a piece of gear until eventually you succeed 5 times in a row," or "spend hundreds of millions on crafting materials and hope that you a 1/5 chance, three times in a row." Though these materials are readily available in game, there is such a low probability of succeeding with any given set of five enchantment stones or *set of all materials required to craft items*, that the system naturally lends itself to a larger separation between the really lucky and the really unlucky than there should be. Furthermore, when the RNG rates are so low in certain areas, it is downright demoralizing to fail time and time again. Last patch, it took an average of just under 400 ancient stones to get an ancient piece of gear from 10 to 15. But when you failed going from 14 to 15 with your 300th stone, it would still take another 400 stones on average. Yes, I know that doing such wouldn't have been a smart idea, but I'm just trying to make a point. The worst feeling for me is failing to upgrade 6 or more legendary masterwork pieces into ultimate masterwork items in a row. You've spent hundreds of millions for nothing, and your prospects of actually getting that critical success are still the same as they were before you tried to upgrade those pieces. This just happened to me (both yesterday and today) which is partially what motivated me into writing this text wall. On the flip side, just a few weeks ago, I bought a single legendary masterwork item and got a critical success, instantly netting me about 600 million kinah. When the system is so skewed, it feels less like you're playing/grinding/paying for a video game and more like you're trying your odds at the lottery. At it's core, Aion is simply not as fun as it could be because it's based on chance instead of skill or hard work. You get instantaneous dopamine rushes followed by gambling anxiety and depression instead of sustained delayed gratification. When you succeed, you feel good, but really it was just because an algorithm arbitrarily decided to let you succeed. When you fail, you feel terrible knowing that there was literally nothing you could have done to prevent it. This is why I feel as if a pity counter is absolutely necessary if this game is to survive. A pity counter would reward players for continuously trying and working hard to progress through the game. Perhaps the critical success rates on crafting could approach 1/2 or even 2/3 after 8 or more failed attempts. Maybe there could be a quest that allows you to choose a PF piece after you've killed Frigida 20 times. Even if the initial success probabilities on systems like enchanting and crafting were decreased slightly to keep the averages the same, this would at least make it feel like something is in your control. I don't really know where I want to end this so I'll just leave it at that. tldr; When playing Aion, it feels as if everything is under the control of RNG, making the game inherently less fun and less rewarding. A pity counter would fix this, making grinding, and even failing, feel as if you're making progress. This would motivate more players to spend more time in the game and be more willing to spend money on it.
  8. I do all my weekly instances. I think I saw a Kromede contract in PF once, but I would consider that RNG, because 1/100 (chance of it dropping) * 1/6 really isn't reasonable. Basically the answer is pay to win then I guess..?
  9. I've opened about 8-10 cute minion contracts and tried to upgrade 4 level B's but everything fails as always with this game. Is there any reasonable non-RNG way to get a grade A minion??
  10. Autoclickers?

    Are they allowed in Aion? They don't do anything that humans can't, but obviously bots aren't allowed so just want to know if I can use one in game.
  11. Selling Masterwork Items

    Hi, just wanted to tell everyone that I'm selling an ultimate masterwork bow, 3 physical waistbands, and a physical earring. If you want to purchase one please send me in game mail. If there's a specific piece of crafted gear that you'd like feel free to send me in game mail as well. My name is Valse (as it says on forums) and Katalam Elyos.
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 16, 2019

    If only it could actually be 2 hours 45 mins...
  13. Chanter daevanian skill can solo heal a lot. But even without daevanian skills, both Chanters and Songweavers have a lot of utility. Chanters provide buffs (obviously) and boost overall team damage by a significant amount. They also deal a reasonable amount of damage and they're the only class that uses physical chain so there's no harm in taking them. Songweavers heal mana and have a lot of individual dps. Songweavers also have SoD while Chanters have WoW which are really good in group combat. Considering most of the instances this patch are just dps races, it's much better to have Cleric-Chanter or Cleric-Songweaver.
  14. Events

    I just wanted to get everyone's opinion on events in general. Now that we actually have reasonable enchantment rates and ways of getting higher tier stones, I really don't think events that just have everything we need should come to the game. Getting to the top should be a grind, and having events in which amazing gear is handed out for free defeats the purpose. Before, it was probably too much of a grind, but at least in this version, it's not impossible. If everyone is running around in full ultimate gear, there's no point in working hard to succeed in the game. I know that the shugoling event was widely disliked by the community but I actually really liked it, at least by design. It wasn't just "log in once a day for a 10% chance of getting ultimate gear," you actually had to play the game in order to get rewards. And while you couldn't get hundreds of legendary stones, at least killing the king felt like some sort of an achievement, even if it was easy as hell. My only issue was that the good stones were of limited purchase, but again, by design it felt right. And yes, I know that weaker factions had issues killing the king, but at least it was possible in the same way that weaker factions can get Anomos. Furthermore, I don't think that this was the event's fault as much as it is a core issue of the game. Basically what I'm saying is that there's healthy and unhealthy grinding. In the last patch, events were absolutely needed for people to progress in the game because the grinding was unhealthy and unproductive at large. With these new rates and this new crafting system, I think that the grind will be healthy and doable and thus events would overall make the game less enjoyable. Maybe there's another side to this that I'm missing. I'd love to hear thoughts.
  15. craft rate?

    Yeah I've always thought this when I fail 12-13 crafts in a row, but 21 is a whole new thing. If we take the success rate to be about 1/4 or 1/5, the fail rate is 75%-80%. That means the chances of this happening was 0.75^21 which isn't just a low probability, that's a whole new level of RNG which just makes me wonder if there was some sort of mistake. I'm not too upset because ancient pieces are so easy to make, just really surprised by the whole thing...