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  1. Selling Masterwork Items

    Hi, just wanted to tell everyone that I'm selling an ultimate masterwork bow, 3 physical waistbands, and a physical earring. If you want to purchase one please send me in game mail. If there's a specific piece of crafted gear that you'd like feel free to send me in game mail as well. My name is Valse (as it says on forums) and Katalam Elyos.
  2. If only it could actually be 2 hours 45 mins...
  3. Chanter daevanian skill can solo heal a lot. But even without daevanian skills, both Chanters and Songweavers have a lot of utility. Chanters provide buffs (obviously) and boost overall team damage by a significant amount. They also deal a reasonable amount of damage and they're the only class that uses physical chain so there's no harm in taking them. Songweavers heal mana and have a lot of individual dps. Songweavers also have SoD while Chanters have WoW which are really good in group combat. Considering most of the instances this patch are just dps races, it's much better to have Cleric-Chanter or Cleric-Songweaver.
  4. Events

    I just wanted to get everyone's opinion on events in general. Now that we actually have reasonable enchantment rates and ways of getting higher tier stones, I really don't think events that just have everything we need should come to the game. Getting to the top should be a grind, and having events in which amazing gear is handed out for free defeats the purpose. Before, it was probably too much of a grind, but at least in this version, it's not impossible. If everyone is running around in full ultimate gear, there's no point in working hard to succeed in the game. I know that the shugoling event was widely disliked by the community but I actually really liked it, at least by design. It wasn't just "log in once a day for a 10% chance of getting ultimate gear," you actually had to play the game in order to get rewards. And while you couldn't get hundreds of legendary stones, at least killing the king felt like some sort of an achievement, even if it was easy as hell. My only issue was that the good stones were of limited purchase, but again, by design it felt right. And yes, I know that weaker factions had issues killing the king, but at least it was possible in the same way that weaker factions can get Anomos. Furthermore, I don't think that this was the event's fault as much as it is a core issue of the game. Basically what I'm saying is that there's healthy and unhealthy grinding. In the last patch, events were absolutely needed for people to progress in the game because the grinding was unhealthy and unproductive at large. With these new rates and this new crafting system, I think that the grind will be healthy and doable and thus events would overall make the game less enjoyable. Maybe there's another side to this that I'm missing. I'd love to hear thoughts.
  5. craft rate?

    Yeah I've always thought this when I fail 12-13 crafts in a row, but 21 is a whole new thing. If we take the success rate to be about 1/4 or 1/5, the fail rate is 75%-80%. That means the chances of this happening was 0.75^21 which isn't just a low probability, that's a whole new level of RNG which just makes me wonder if there was some sort of mistake. I'm not too upset because ancient pieces are so easy to make, just really surprised by the whole thing...
  6. craft rate?

    Update: those were all trying to get critical ancient pieces. I just tried to craft 10 already proc'd ancient pieces into legendary and they all failed. I advise you don't try and craft right now...
  7. craft rate?

    Not trying to spread rumors but I just had ABSURDLY bad luck in crafting. Went 21 items without a crit and finally got it on my 22nd try. Out of the remaining 18 items, only 2 more crit. I mean there's bad rng and then there's unrealistically bad rng so I was just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience (literally only today). Wondering if maybe some mistake was made since they're trying to nerf other rng rates in the game.
  8. Prestige Secret Document

    Hi all, I couldn't find anything about the secret document anywhere online so I figured I'd just start a thread to see if anyone knows anything about it. Curiosity led me to buy one and I got a major stigma bundle from it. Obviously much worse than transformation contracts or stones or whatever else you can buy, but perhaps there are also better items. Anyone else purchase it or have any information?

    I actually meant PvE but it still seems almost useless there because rejuvenating spell is just that good...

    In my experience, much much better than gear. I already had +6 stigmas from the 5.8 patch, but obviously the 6-9 climb is much harder than the 1-6 in my experience. Nowadays, most stigmas are pretty cheap, so if you just combine stigmas until your stigma hits 4 or 5 that should only cost ~20-30mil even if you're unlucky. From there, using stigma stones is probably wiser. Now again, I only have experience enchanting 7 stigmas to +9 (since I also bought a +6 ranger stigma that I found for 800k on broker lul) but for me, getting to +8 was very easy (it felt like 7-8 had a greater than 50% success not to mention sometimes when it fails it stays at 7). Going 8 to 9 was scary but it actually succeeded about 50% of the time for me (again, really small sample size). I think I also had a stigma jump straight from 7 to 9 so that was a pleasant surprise. I think in total it cost me less than 40 stones to +9 all of my stigmas from +6. Again, really small sample size, but it's definitely better rates than enchanting gear to 15 so I'd advise it instead of enchanting gear (since we still have 6.2 rates). If we had 6.5 rates that'd be another story.
  11. Trying to communicate

    I thought you just spam Pikachu in the text bubble >.>

    For solo PvP I have: Mountain Crash, Disorienting Blow, Blessing of Wind, Soul Lock, Rise, and Annihilation. Since gear is always gonna be temporary I invested in going +9 before getting better gear so I also have Word of Life and Splash Swing socketed (which I swap off with word of inspiration sometimes). Any ideas from others? Those first 6 are the only +9’s I have but I could potentially get others in time... I have roaring judgement so acceleration cheer probably isn’t necessary and I’m personally not a huge fan of leaping flash (though if you have a good reason as to why it should be used please let me know). Also, I find healing burst to be practically useless in PvP so I just use word of protection instead to get the vision stigma. Not sure if that’s good or not... Yeh so if anyone is still watching this thread let me know please!
  13. +12 manastones in gear?

    Hmm... is that a definitive number or an estimate? Is it worth it for me to send in a ticket?
  14. wtf is PVP now ? are you kidding me?

    Of course haha... thanks for leaving me lmao - I think one was peppostones though so it was hopeless regardless. And yeah, reset day by FM is gonna be nearly impossible without an alliance or two unless you’re jjang.
  15. wtf is PVP now ? are you kidding me?

    In fairness you have very good gear lol You’re always the one who kills me when I’m trying to do PvP quests solo ;_;