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  1. @Cyan Game of fate

    Please look into the luna game of fate asap..it is letting people spend luna even though the rewards are totally bugged out and give nothing... This is going to end up in lawsuits due to real money being spent on something that flat out broke..no rng..just broke..
  2. GP -Today

    TY Aroch..figured it had to be something like that..forgot about Crucible Spire..
  3. GP -Today

    Just from the leaderboards..there are people that gained that much from Tuesday to Wednesday..and they were not ppl returning to the ranks etc..
  4. GP -Today

    Just curious..does anyone know how some characters gained as much as 5000-9000 gp points just in one day..from yesterday until today?Was there a season ending reward for arenas etc that wasn't announced..it doesn't seem possible to gain that much on one weekday.. Thanks!