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  1. How about the pet you get when you purchase Siel's Aura? I bought the three month version, and it will re-up in three months. It came with the 12 slot Pet. Will that re-uo when my Sub re-ups three months from now?
  2. Agreed. Just ignore/block and carry on with your day...
  3. @KibbelzI just got the three month sub which supposedly also has the 12-slot pack pet. When I re up the three month sub, will the 12 slot pet also re up?
  4. What kind of Pets are available? When you buy them, do they only last a set amount of time? Or can you buy them permanently?
  5. I suppose I won't be able to do the sub until 6/30?
  6. Is the Daeva Pass how you pay your sub? Trying to start my sub, but don't know where to go
  7. I don't want to have payments be automatic. What are the options for a sub?
  8. If that's what it is, neither will I. Paying the sub should be enough...
  9. I'm not sure what they mean by that either...
  10. Hopefully the devs won't run Aion into the ground this time around. Staying Pay-to-Play this time will be a good way to prevent that...
  11. What's the difference between the Daeva Pass and the sub?
  12. Agreed. It won't be so bad at the very beginning, but Elites ganking lowbies was a major factor in killing original Aion in the first place. All of the ideas from before either weren't strong enough, or split the playerbase, as with separate PVE Servers. Nothing seemed to work well. I'm proposing that the Binding Obelisks be used so players can decide to opt for PVP or PVE as the mood takes them. The Cooldown should be at least the same as using the Return Button, so at least thirty minutes, or maybe even an hour, to reduce the chance of cheating. The Devs have already proven t
  13. @Kibbelz I had my first Aion account way back when Original Aion was pay to play. If I delete the toons currently on my account, will I be able to use that account for Aion Classic?
  14. I heard they moved the Servers from Texas to Virginia...
  15. One of my accounts dates to back whe original Aion was Pay to Play. Will I be able to use that account if I delete all my current toons?
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