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  1. Aion Error E02018

    Someone can help me please? << FileInfoFile Hash Value >> File Name : FileInfoMap_AION-LIVE_192.dat.zip Hash Value : 164f0821100dab9a06de9b8556dc60dbceb08ba7 File Name : FileInfoMap_AION-LIVE_192.dat Hash Value : 654254a88487e789602dc7b53d0d34f5f9021fff << Error Message >> [Update error] The file cannot be downloaded. Please check the network settings (ISP authorisation, firewall, anti-virus programme etc.) and try again. E02018 DNL_G17_52_192/d2a2dfba Patch/Zip/l10n/ENG/Data/CutScene/movie/mv_LDF5_intro_1.bik.z0