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  1. The other day i was on my Ranger and someone posted "geared ID" so I posted in lfg my 50E chest piece +15 and +15 Taha bow, yes i saved them XD. They got a chuckle and invited me lol. I am not geared past mostly ancient so I joked with them and left group. I only QE because I am not geared well enough just have fun its a game ffs over and out.
  2. Fighting Spirit Capsule

    I would assume it is 240 for one capsule. That would fall in line with the over priced enchant stones.
  3. Aion Shutting Computer Down Unexpected

    Sounds like a PSU problem I had few yrs ago. I bought a tester from Newegg I believe it was, only like 20 bucks. It showed problem with the power supply. Replaced it and was good to go.
  4. Was 5.x really destroyed Aion ?

    Sales is not an indication of server population only what was spent by remaining players. There was a huge exodus away from Aion in 5.x but I think there was an even larger exodus in 6.0. More money spent possibly by those trying to catch up or the big spenders getting more new stuff. At any rate in NA they have proven to be very astute at shooting themselves in the foot repeatedly.
  5. Enchantment rate

    Not just you. Used 32 ancient and 6 legendary to go from +10 to 11 on a ancient piece of gear. Same thing last week but I didn't pay attention to how many stones then. Not sure if that is normal or not. Does not entice me in the least to buy enchant stones, or anything else with that high a failure rate on the first level of gear. I am not opposed to spending money on a game, but that is ridiculous. Now someone will come on and say they never miss or get it better. Good for you and your luck, almost 60 days since i came back and never had that bad a time with the level 65 legendary gears.
  6. Mean little bug

    5 kinah is too much to be a melon head.....
  7. MMOS as a genre is dying it seems

    Not sure how accurate this site is,https://mmo-population.com/ shows how many accounts by yr and players online i think? Showing a dip from 2018 to 2019. Some games still have a strong following such as WoW , FF14 and GW2. Sometimes I wonder if corporate greed also doesn't play a part in any decline.Or poor decisions in developing (that would never happen here).
  8. Arcade Tokens

    "A survey will be available for players level 76+ for (2) Arcade Tokens. This will be limited to one survey per server per account. For the duration of the event, Prestige Society Members will receive an additional (2) Arcade Tokens via survey after the maintenance on Wednesday." Didn't get anything either yesterday or today. Non Event.
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 9, 2019

    I am a returning player. Came back with the Vandal patch to try the new class as did some others. Unfortunately that was over 30 days ago. I guess the planning people do not have a calendar on the wall. Thinking most that came back for the new class, free armor set (expired) , have already reached 30 days or they are very close to it. Doesn't seem to me that is good planning should have had the event instead of the shugo sweep, then had that event now. So Forgotten-DN, I think you are correct when you say they've clearly learned nothing over the years.
  10. Bring back rifting to Heiron and Beluslan please:)

    Rifting was fun at launch and for awhile after that. Then came along the things called "twinks", full +15 pvp gear so any fair fight for the average player was over and they tended to camp the areas where people would be trying to level and get quests done. Like KHQ, remember seeing them come in that area in groups wiping everyone. What I would foresee happening is a asshat lvl 80 hanging around killing any low level new or returning players for "sport". Similar to shooting a rabbit with a .357 mag.
  11. Now that you brought it to their attention. bye
  12. Thanks GM Odin ...

    I imagine it's frowned upon to say "That was pretty fu c k ing bad" from an NCsoft employee, lol. Yes Human Resources, pretty much the police force of any corp would definitely get a hold of that lol.
  13. Aion Classic Up to version 5.8 All Maps

    None on my friend list is over level 65. There was a pretty large group of us that left at that time. Even have two level 50 on there, they were good friends back in the day. You would think Ncsoft could have seen the bleeding from 4.8 and at least tried something to stop the hemorrhage. They were like the Doctors in the 1400's. "he's bleeding to death, put more leeches on him".
  14. Pin me baby one more time

    *snip* I spoke with the QA department and they haven't experienced this issue (and based on the players logged in it's not widespread). We will forward the information to the development team and have it looked into. *snip* Not doubting your word but, are they playing on a 14k PC sitting in the server room? I have not had this problem as of yet (now I probably will).
  15. IB abd ID stuck places

    I have only tried IB two times and both I dc'd early into it. So won't be going back again. Have not had any trouble with ID as of yet.