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  1. Glitches have been around long time. This is from Kaisinel server 2010 when you could glitch into Teminon.
  2. Well to be fair this was posted at around 11pm last night and Hime's annual post was around 2 hours later at 1am? Kind of late for a maintenance post, but probably a company party going on and the rum was flowing. Anyway back to my rum. Merry Christmas.
  3. I agree with you Mr. Squid, Some of these events you have to work for the items. Like shooting roughly 350 Beehives with a matchlock rifle and process that into 150 cooking honey to get the free pet. I think it does bring players to the front doing more than afk fishing, or waiting afk for snowballs. They do have the normal just log in for free stuff, but there is a lot of active things going on. Keeps the players moving.
  4. I am semi retired, work only 3 days per week but, I get up at 3am for those 3 days, leave at 5am get to work at 6am , days end I get home at 8pm. Long days so just afk for me on those days. Needed 20 to get a scroll that I knew would not be for my main class lol. Wouldn't have had a chance at more than one character anyway, but I did get a lot of Frags on main and another character. It should have been choice of transform, don't quite understand the thought behind random. I did afk another game at the same time that had a fishing event for some of that time and made close to 700 million silver
  5. When this game launched i was playing Runes of magic, came to Aion with dial up internet. You remember, turn on the pc start web page, go do laundry cook dinner and take a shower come back and it just finished loading. First year before I got DSL was rough in Aion lol. Take three steps move back two. I live in the country and that was only thing available at the time.
  6. Interesting write up. Appears they are not so happy. Amazing from what i see the NA player base is not overly thrilled and depleted population, EU does not appear to be happy and from what I read the Korean's are not over joyed either. Yet Ncsoft continues to take the path they have been following. Now going backwards to Gelk and Inng seems like they have lost all creativity and just re-hashing old content to updated levels. Whats coming in 8.0? Morheim/Eltnen remastered?
  7. You hit the nail on the head with some of this post. I came back when Vandal launched. Had not played since max level was 65. So basically starting over. Between all my characters I have about 1.5 billion and can't move it without losing a huge chunk which i will not do. Only game I have tried that doesn't have account trading, dumbest thing I have seen and a major factor for me. Whoever came up with that idea should be fired, citizenship removed and transported to a camp in Antarctica. I am the other type of gamer, the ones that spend some money, like after the first of year about 75-125 per
  8. So you have an event item that all characters on a account can get for 3 weeks but you can only get the needed item once? How much thought was put into that idea. Can only guess that when you do get the transform it will not be for your main class. What would be the point on going the full 6 hours on any other character except main? To get a untradeable expiring legendary enchant stone?
  9. These stones do not stack either so if your going to save for 7 days, 7 inventory slots. If they do not disappear then at the end 21 slots?
  10. Hi Cheesecake, Nice to see someone else from the Gem state here
  11. Look at those Idaho Boys doing it the loud way. I don't live too far from this area.
  12. Interesting slight drop in mobile. Some work places are banning phone use while at work. Like where I work and a friends work place also. people playing games at work lol. Have to leave phone in locker or vehicle. Where I am at is warnings -oral-written and then termination.
  13. Sounds like they ran out of idea's and just a huge cash grab now. Private servers are easier to run i would think, all the creation is done for them no overhead basically just turn on and maintenance once a week.......oh wait.
  14. If they are big spenders and money is no object yes they will buy accounts or start new ones. They have friends here and will be back. Addiction maybe? Makes sense on a business point of view in a way. With this event they start over, 80 in a day, spend like wild fire on enchants and within a short time have some decent gear. I probably have no idea what i am talking about, but could happen i guess xD. Would like to see compensation for all the missed EC runs over the past couple months.
  15. Yes heard from a couple players that support can remove them. Shouldn't have to do that, a little planning and actually knowing the product you sell would have been a good idea.
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