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  1. Idk about you guys, but I noticed that accessories have a much lower proc rate than weapons.
  2. So you can play either elyos or asmos on the same account server without any issues? That's a little bit surprising.
  3. When we had that recent sever merge, I remember that they would delete your character if it conflicted with the merge. (Don't quote me on that) For example BR-E + SL-A for KT. I know that free transfers were up for this reason, maybe that might be why. I'm not saying that's the correct answer but its the most reasonable one at best
  4. I would like to know where this camp is, cause i don't believe that an asmo can bind to another map that is under elyos control. Also take in consideration that their are still new players joining the game and your actions may cause them to leave. The rift are level restricted so no high level players can camp and ruin them from enjoying the game. (imo). If you want to pvp go to Lakrum, otherwise you pvping at lvl80 with a pvp multiplier in a low level zone where new people are still learning and have no experience in pvp is shameful and rude.
  5. I remember a couple weeks before the patch people were complaining about the compensation gear for their current gear. Something like +30 for a +15 ancient gear was not a good deal so they changed it. Funny how things turned out now.
  6. @Cyan You should have the team update the character creation screen. There are some skills that are no longer usable in the game, so its a bit misleading.
  7. Speaking about the gate, I noticed that the shield buff from the generator was removed even though the generator was still alive. Without that shield buff, the gate is pretty much like cutting through cream cheese. I think it reduces like 40%-50% of the incoming damage, not quite sure though.
  8. No, the transformation doesn't reach speed cap until you start using the legendary grade with gear that give speed boost. Not to mention that you lose the transform when you die. Also were about 2 weeks into the patch, I'm sure the team are looking into the problem, even though we had months of data and research from aion powerbook. So you can say this system wasn't expected.
  9. They should add the 4 elemental transformation skins from 5.8. Those looked dope.
  10. That 30% boost is not a simple fix. Matter of fact it would make certain classes completely unbalanced. Imagine a glad with the new berserk skill at attack speed cap with that boost.
  11. GP is not the main reason people run evergale. They run it for the soulstones to upgrade their pvp gear to the lv80 version.
  12. Just gonna throw this out there now. This event will prob hurt the game more than it will help. Everyone is obviously going to enchant their gear and those who are p2w have the advantage. At the end of this event theirs gonna be a good majority of the the player base (the p2w player base) with +10 accessory making PVP way more unbalanced than it is now. This may cause more people to leave because its going to be gear carry rather than skill carry.
  13. Qjn-KT

    Broken Again

    Why is it that this server is always broken? I'm talking about the not being able to interact with any npcs.
  14. When you use the hook item, the speed at which it actually cast is based on your attack speed. So if you have slow attack speed its gonna take longer before you actually get teleported, that might be why you got hit up at the platform. It looks as if your up at the platform but the game still thinks your on the ground.
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