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  1. I always felt like brands were totally unnecessary in PvE because Aion's PvE isn't difficult especially post nerf. PVP? Sure, but I only saw them as useful when I needed to single out a high ranked target in a zerg. But I was usually not solo in these situations. Maybe it's from decades of FPS experience, but personally I have no issues just clicking a target. Brands always felt like training wheels to me.
  2. Lol What...Seems like people remember a completely different Aion back from when I played at release. Aion was dead before 2.0 hit for several reasons: 1. Aion was hyped up to be the WoW killer. Turns out Aion was just a pretty Korean grinder. 2. Too much grind. This is the biggest reason why Asian MMOs do poorly in the West. Your typical Westerner player does not enjoy a lot of grinding. 3. PvPvE. Turns out that getting ganked and killed while you're trying to level isn't fun. It was manageable if you played during the months after launch. But if you started 6+ months afte
  3. Wtf? I don't understand how watching an in-game tutorial video would increase my FPS but it did. Steady 60-62 FPS at 1440p. Thanks for the help guys.
  4. Well that's interesting. I have a Ryzen 2700x, 16GB RAM, and a 5700XT and I struggle to hit 50 FPS. 5-6% CPU utilization, and around 30% GPU utilization.
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