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  1. I not use anti virus i not use none program open with aion, I AM VERY HATE OF THIS XIGNCODE , NOW I WAS KICKED AION, YOU ARE KILLING GAME
  2. after update i see this information error cannot Regist XignCode Module not solution using repair what is solution?
  3. but in iluma and novorld is hard pvp vs gladiator or templar or AT, they recharge 100% HP killing mobs. you try use sleep in adversary and all mobs fk you and too some skills are sleep individual, not is possible always immobilize all mobs with enemy. this mini gruop of 3 mobs in iluma and novorld are the gas station to recharge hp and avoid of be neutralized by enemy. the mobs are disturbing and being favorable to gladiator, sin, ranger, gunner, chanter etc.. the mobs interrupts when i use sleep in enemy. the templar and gladiator atk walking , they are inside my character attac
  4. i think after update aion 5.6 the class physical, mainly class assassine, gradiator, templar are very strong in pvp, they are class of defense , templar and gladiator, why class defensive are strong in pvp? not is fair class physical tank and support be strong in pvp imagine you play with Sorc or Sw and is impossible kill a PRO gladiator, Templar cause they pay to win and use set with manastone with magic suppression etc.. and you being sorc or sw when you use a combo to kill gladiator or templar, you not kill they easy, cause now gladiator and templar are very resistant, resume
  5. after use kisk personal with 3 time and use this 3 time i not can use a new kisk of gruop or alliance, always when i try use kisk, show information talking exist a kisk installed. IDK WHY?
  6. why in Norvold in Tower of Eternity Entrance has 2 guards? why in iluma in Tower of Eternity Entrance not has none guards? i hate be elyos
  7. Im elyos , i was 8 hour in norvord trying to invade base fort asmo, but the people create this game placed alot obstacle hide, impossible, I used various tricks and no success. BYPASS NOT WORKING impossible acess fort norvord by Mountain etc... CHIT NCSOFT PUTTING ALOT OBSTACLE HIDE, I WAS 8 HOUR PLAYING AION IN NORVORD TRYING DISCOVER HOW INVADE FORT AND IS FULL OBSTACLE HIDE IN VARIOUS PART MAP AND MOUNTAIN why is easy asmos acess iluma via Mountain ? elyos are a puzy i hate be elyos, asmos are more favorable.
  8. where are patch notes, here my coutry is very late zzz
  9. after reset server , how is being the luck with snowballs?
  10. they not talk how much gb are aion 5.8 is secret?
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