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  1. They gonna make it x30 marks next patch which is still impossible to make for a normal human, but its pointless to complain they wont change anything lel 15 Fading marks should be reasonable , 3 months of DP spam sounds fair for me
  2. u guys forgot to add reset scrolls for this DP event and tiem activation stones to keep spamming cause blue scales right now are insanely expensive
  3. thats true, Balaurs supossed to be a formidable force , u can't stop em easily lol
  4. someone from my static got no weapon or armor box first week only marks and a fading mark, its rng
  5. ya that box is ridiculously expensive i have tried 4 times and got only garbage, but its pointless to complaing they don't care about NA, they would even increase the recipe to 40m per try if they could because they don't know how hard is farm kinah in a server with no population
  6. Sieges still broken, mediocre drop rates (which is neccesary for a comunnity of 1k active players ), delayed patches, no worthy events (only current thanksgiving event was the exception) and in general no interest to westernize aion classic
  7. Ya, its hard to defend the sub model when we getting the same treatment of retail, just copy and paste everything that comes from KR and no communication
  8. No. i rather to just quit, lvl up again from 0 and lose all . no thanks
  9. We need that kianh to enchant our gear to craft potions, scrolls, and more supplies also for teleporting or pay SS and many other things, the current price of the tahabata box is based on koreans servers not in na, our economy is a lot smaller and fragile, korea has lots of bots, thats why their kinah is cheaper , 11m for em is nothing here is totally different. Devs should stop to copy and paste every patch, we are playing in NA , thats why ppl quiting they should adjust patches to NA
  10. Nothing about enchantment stones? or drop rates or something to help na players , and what about new hp values to fix siege or what about useful events that are worth our time
  11. nope its not a event anymore its still available in korea servers u can go to core and check if u dont trust me they never removed it thats why it has a daily limit
  12. The stigma shard npc was a permanent feature added to korea in the 1.5 , we got that npc in na too but the prices of each shards are just too expensive because we can't pay the same kinah than korea because our economy is a lot smaller, Can you guys work and adjust the [Event] Stigma shard price to something based on our server economy ty (100 kinah each shard maybe?) stop copying and paste every patch like we were korean servers with a lot of players when we have only 1k players at max lol
  13. Its the first hit i got updated for my anuhart and ad captain quest doing the first hit
  14. well at least can't be worse than retail that is like always pvp with the same 3 dudes
  15. Hi can we have Brust/Theo drops back again? enchant stones are getting expensiver every day
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