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  1. Aion October Preview

    Both of you are actually correct. At first I didn't think the exchange tables gave any ultimate gear but after a careful review grey wolf accessories, plumes, bracelets, and executioner ceaus gear do give it if maxed, so I am in agreement of not giving us transcendent tempering solutions on the BCM. Guess I will just craft mine
  2. Aion October Preview

    I wouldn't consider it end gear more like starter gear because it would be ancient armor and would put almost everyone on equal ground. As we know our servers are filled with big baller's who are spending money to plus 20/25 the free master harvest gear because that doesn't break. NC should of just started everyone with ancient gear on various level enchantments instead of giving people more of the new gear. Personally I wouldn't mind the ancient gear until I craft the new armor. As for me I may spend a little money here but have been playing aion since day 1 and earning gear is not a problem, the real problem is when people have way better gear and don't want to play with people with starter gear making it harder to team for instances. And yes we could be carried but what fun is that.
  3. Aion October Preview

    For the power up event why not replace the tempering solutions with the transcendent tempering solution on the BCM to give us a better chance to enchant the Caeus gear, plumes and bracelets.
  4. Can we upgrade the ancient gear to legendary and so on that is given in 6.0? For example, plus 20 harvest gear gives plus 5 ancient I think. I'm wondering if it is worth to plan to upgrade the gear or is it better to use the gear gained from instance or crafted. My second question, I have almost 300 aetherforge, are the mats needed for armor crafting easily attainable or is it going to require significant gold and mats making it only possible for the rich to craft the gear in the beginning?