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  1. Dear NCSoft: I was introduced to AION back when I had to pay a subscription to play (2010/2011, I think. I don’t know what version, I didn’t keep up with that sort of thing). I played 10 to 16 hours a day and loved it. I had to work, grind, gather, craft, trade with others or fight to get anything. There were so many beautiful places to visit and hundreds of quest to get me there and keep me busy exploring. So many interesting creatures to fight. A lot of different places I could actually use my beautiful wings (would have been nice to have had a few more). My quest limit was usually maxe
  2. Yes, it is so that I could keep my default character's aesthetic appearance (I love the way she looks, and like showing her off) and still get the benefits of the temporary stats boost. I sell all of the Transformation Pots and Transformation Contracts and do without the stat boosts because I refuse to look like anything other than the character I created. And I refuse to pay to look like my default character. Permanent mounts are few and far between, and expensive in my case. But if the pots were made into temporary mounts... I thought it would be a win win situation. You get a speed boo
  3. I mean that when you use one of the pots you get a mount where you can have the stats for how ever long the pot lasts. With mounts there would be no need for the Transparent Scrolls. But I do have another question for you Bryos... When you unlock a Transformation, which stats do you get? Do you have to unlock more than one to get different stats? You know what.... never mind, it was just a suggestion. How do I delete this post or suggestion.
  4. Most of the posts that I have read are of people complaining about the transformation of their default character to get the brief boost in stats. My suggestion is make the transformation pots into a mount. A player gets the stats boost and it doesn't affect the appearance of their character. You would have to make it so that the "mounted" player could fight and do what he/she normally would if they were transformed, but at least they wouldn't look like every other player playing the game. Also with there being so many transformation pot options it would be nice to have a separate cube (like th
  5. What is the point of having a second toon if you can't sell anything to make extra Kinah to advance or expand inventory or warehouse? Or other things that require Kinah? Not fair... and now that you can't transfer Kinah through the Account warehouse, what is the second toon to do?
  6. There are supposed to be 5 candles. I don't know if you have to talk to the NPC first, but she does tell you what you have to do. You have to light the candles in order under a certain time limit. When you are running slow as molasses it's impossible to do. I even tried to do it in my little black car and only got to light the third candle. But to answer your question, I think it must be a bug because there are supposed to be 5 of them.
  7. Here's what I found, typing Aion2 in Google. https://forums.aiononline.com/topic/2747-aion-2-confirmed-to-be-pc-console-mmorpg/ Plus there are other articles, if your interested.
  8. I don't have a cell phone, so no, not everyone has a phone.
  9. Problem solved with the Weekly Server Maintenance. Was able to re-enter, finish the instance and move on. Thanks Aion.
  10. Thanks for answering. I will just do Luna for a week and see if I can get back in then because there aren't any other quests I can do to move forward. Gonna be a very boring week.
  11. I don't have that problem, so I'm thinking it may be the computer, but then you just typed this post, so not sure what the problem could be. Sorry, can't help, but thought I would post that I don't have the keyboard problems you speak of.
  12. I'm having trouble getting back into Drakenspire Depths. It keeps telling me that "You must wait 1 minute before entering Drakenspire Depths." Which started yesterday. An unforeseen event caused me to have to quit suddenly and now I can't get back in to finish the "Sacred Memories" Campaign to move on. I thought waiting a whole day might solve the problem but I still can't get in and getting the same message. No option to abandon the campaign and start it over. I really don't want to delete my character and start all over again. Any suggestions?
  13. I just finished the "Advance" campaign and moved on to Enshar.
  14. At least 25 people have looked at this question and yet still no one has an answer?
  15. Why are they selling Costumes in the Gold Sands Shop if you can't see them when transformed?
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