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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 28, 2018

    An FYI, can't see rewards list. "You do not have permission to view this content." shows when you click the link.
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 28, 2018

    Can the XP buff last longer since we won't have the new event? I assume it's being removed this maintenance. Please please can it last longer?
  3. Please look into this issue. It's affecting a huge number of the community ever since the instance was introduced. Pretty sure others have complained about it, it's my turn now https://imgur.com/a/59RUj
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 22, 2017

    Why ??? Rewards are awful
  5. OMG THE LAG!!!

    I expect the usual "we're sorry for the inconvenience" post lol
  6. OMG THE LAG!!!

    Group of us lost our run because of this as well. Hoping for some reset scrolls *fingers crossed*
  7. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    If there weren't any spots I imagine it would say No in red letters just like any other time we've tried to transfer toons over and the list is full