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  1. An FYI, can't see rewards list. "You do not have permission to view this content." shows when you click the link.
  2. Can the XP buff last longer since we won't have the new event? I assume it's being removed this maintenance. Please please can it last longer?
  3. Please look into this issue. It's affecting a huge number of the community ever since the instance was introduced. Pretty sure others have complained about it, it's my turn now https://imgur.com/a/59RUj
  4. I expect the usual "we're sorry for the inconvenience" post lol
  5. Group of us lost our run because of this as well. Hoping for some reset scrolls *fingers crossed*
  6. If there weren't any spots I imagine it would say No in red letters just like any other time we've tried to transfer toons over and the list is full
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