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  1. What Are These Things?

    Thank you for the info -- I am in Poeta and I am talking about the blue tornado-like vortices -- 9m running speed bonus, huh? Can you find your running speed in your profile or somewhere?
  2. What Are These Things?

    Does anyone know what the vortices are along the paths you travel? Some you cannot go around, I think. Something happens to me when I get near them, but nothing shows in the log or on the screen (in words, that is -- an icon quickly flashes over me and I get showered on the screen). I checked my stats and can't find a difference, like HP loss due to injury. I cannot select them and they have no name over them. What are they?
  3. Cannot do Hamerun Quest-line and Wasted EXP

    I like the old way where you could level to just at 9, get and do Ascension Quest and get well over 100% of the exp you need for level 9, get Daeva in Sanctum, and then return to Poeta to finish all the rest of the quests for exp. They had a good quest line there and once I did finish it -- I was on the one for another area when they did the change.
  4. I am a lvl 10 just after getting ascension (just got my Daeva gear), still in Sanctum -- hadn't done any Sanctum quests yet, like for the ring. My character appeared in Akarious Village first time I logged on after the change. The only quest I can get is to return to Sanctum and get Ascension again. How come I cannot do the Hamerun Quest in the mine? Is it limited to only pre-ascension characters? There is a lot of exp in that quest-line, and some stuff to pickup, also. If the Hamerun quests are for pre-ascension only, why do you get about 200,000 exp from it when you are capped at 9? I created a new character to see what the game changes are and got stuck in the mine and had to finish the quest-line to get out. That character wasted well over 100,000 exp -- when you add the Ascension quest, I lost well over 200,000 exp because I was capped at 9. If you cannot do the Hamerun quest after level 10, then why do you give so much exp from it and the Ascension quest? In the old game, you could stop questing at 9 and do Ascension, come back and finish those quests for the exp. If those at lvl 10+ cannot do the quests in Poeta except to return to Sanctum and get Ascension again, then why do they give you so much exp that you waste over 200K of it? I thought the purpose of quests was to get special items and experience -- why do them at all if the exp is just gonna be wasted and you get good gear in Sanctum during Ascension? Why have the Hamerun quest-line at all when you can get to 9 easily without it, get the Ascension quest to max out level 9, then go to Sanctum and get the lvl 10 cap removed and your Daeva gear, if you cannot come back and do it for the exp?
  5. I was just starting to play AION 5.8 on the server Katalam a few weeks ago. This is the first time I have logged on since the update to 6.0 because I upgraded my computer and reinstalled AION. I cannot find my old characters and the server Katalam is not available on the new server list now (last server list I had access to only had 2 servers -- this one has many more). What happened to my characters? And what do the abbreviations in parentheses mean (language? which one is for the US and English?). Is there still a safe server for me where I will not be attacked by another player like in 5.8?
  6. What Happened to My Characters Since the Update?

    How could I "have been downloading the wrong client all along"? I logged into this forum with the same info I have logged into since I first created an account. I have logged onto this forum many times with the same info. I downloaded AION from the AION website and installed it just like I did the first time, and nowhere did it say what client it was or give me the option of selecting NA or EU client. And, which one is the wrong client, huh? I was on Katalam in 5.8, but the 6.0 download does not give the client info or a choice of selecting it, and it is from the AION website itself. So, is Katalam the wrong client server or is the new one they recommend, Hellion, the wrong one? I could not "have been downloading the wrong client all along" if one is right and the other is wrong, could I? And, if it is the EU client for 6.0, why doesn't the AION download page say something about the different clients?
  7. What Happened to My Characters Since the Update?

    I have started to try to download and reinstall AION 6.0 from the Gameforge download page -- nowhere does it give me the option of NA or EU version, just like I did it before. How can I make sure I am getting the NA Client?
  8. What Happened to My Characters Since the Update?

    I do not know -- how can I tell and can I reinstall AION if I do have the EU client one by mistake? That makes sense since I do not see a server for NA EN on it -- they look like European languages and country abbreviations.
  9. Having Crashes Downloading 6

    I just started playing 5.8 a couple of weeks ago. I added a new HD to my computer and installed Windows 7, which meant I have to download AION again, and was surprised to see it was "A New Dawn" (AION 6) instead of "Heart of Frost" (AION 5.8). However, the downloading kept crashing with error messages on various files, causing me to start the download all over again. The error message just says that a file cannot be downloaded. The files are, I think (it is not clear in the error message), batch files of such things as monsters and textures (common data files). I did what the error message said and turned off both my firewall and the antivirus, but I still get download errors that caused me to start the download all over again. When I re-started the download, files that had previously caused the error were downloaded no problem, and files that had previously been downloaded caused the error when downloading again (based on the % mark of the download -- it would crash at 56% downloaded one time, and at 34% next attempt to download). It appears to be that the files sometimes causes an error and sometimes do not, and they appear to be the same type as the others that had downloaded successfully. Any suggestions on how to stop the downloading errors so that I can get it done before Hallowe'en? Also, after reading the FAQ, I am have a few questions: 1) Can I still download and play 5.8 ("Heart of Frost") and play that version on my new HD? I am into crafting and wanted to continue it, but the FAQ says that crafting is gone in 6. Bummer. 2) I have 5.8 up and running on the old HD, but I need to install it on the new HD. If I play it, would it require me to update it to 6? I just learned about 6 as I tried to re-install AION into the new HD this morning. The computer upgrade caused me to miss a few days of AION, so I am not fully up-to-date. 3) After finally getting the first step (of nine) of the AION 6 download done (it crashed several times before it got to 100%), I started it, but it would not accept my Name and Password from 5.8. It still works on 5.8 (I checked). Do I have to register again? Do I have to start a new account for 6? I checked and they are still valid, or else I couldn't write this now. 4) Does 6 still have the same rules for PvP? Is there a Fast-Track server in it for non-fighters? Are the safe zones/areas/regions of 5.8 still safe in 6? As I said, it will not accept my current Name/PW, so i cannot get in it to see for myself. Thank you for your help, and I appreciate it.
  10. I just started Aion Online free version and would like to level in the Standard Server, not the Fast-Track Server. Can I be attacked and killed as a new player in the Standard Server, even at level 1 and by a player of my own faction? What areas in the Standard Servers are safe from PvP ambushes? I would like to get to learn the game before someone ambushes me and kills me on the Standard Server. Are areas that are not Rift Zones or the Abyss safe from being attacked without a duel request? Outside Rift Areas and the Abyss, can another player only attack you if you accept a duel? I think that Rift Areas and the Abyss are where the two factions can fight each other, but what about places in the Standard Server not in a Rift Zone/Abyss? Can a player attack me at level 1 in the Standard Server as I appear in the game for the first time without accepting a duel request? I have been searching the web and the Wikis, trying to understand how Aion PvP works and where I am safe and where I have to keep watch for another player to ambush me in the Standard Server. I would like to play on the Standard Server, but I don't know where I am safe there from being attacked by another player while doing a quest or gathering crafting items. If outside the Rifts/Abyss Areas are safe from PvP unless you accept a duel, fine -- I can decline duels and avoid Rifts and the Abyss until I am ready to try it. But can a player of the same faction attack me without challenge to a duel? As an player on the Standard Server in the same areas that the Fast-Track Server has, can a player of the same faction ambush me without challenge? Can the starting areas of a faction in the Standard Server be where another player can attack you without warning? Or do I have to stay in the Fast-Track Server until I learn the game and can defend myself or escape if ambushed? In what areas of the non-Fast-Track Servers are duels allowed? Are duels allowed ever in the Fast-Track Server? I saw duel requests and what appeared to be PvP fighting there in the Fast-Track Server. At what level can you fight a duel? Can players in your own race/faction attack and kill you without requesting a duel, or is that limited to fights between factions? In summary, attacks and PvP fighting between the two factions can only occur in the Abyss or at a Rift or a contested area, right? And PvP fights of the same faction cannot happen unless they both agree to duel, right? Can a higher-level player of my own faction ambush me and kill me as a new PC in the Standard Server without accepting a duel request, or do I always have to watch my back and never trust another player as long as I am in the Standard Server, even at level 1?
  11. Runtime Error Messages

    First off, let me say "Thank You!" to all the replies I have gotten in this Forum since I started a few days ago. I don't know how to thank each of you individually. I yesterday upgraded my RAM from 2 GB to 6 GB in order to play the free online Aion better (Windows XP), but since then I have gotten 4 "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library" messages saying "Runtime Error!" in program "D:\Aion\bin32\AION.bin" saying "This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information." It only started after I added more RAM. I googled it up on the Web and the hits say I need to reinstall the Runtime Library. Is that true, or is there an easier/better fix? Or do I have to go back to 2 GB RAM to play the game? Why am I getting the errors after adding more RAM? Seems more RAM would make the game go better, not cause it to crash. Since I have XP, MS does not support it anymore and I do not know if I can update it. I will research it more and try to update the MS Runtime Library, if I can, and see if that fixes the problem. I am trying to upgrade to Windows 7, but, since MS does not support XP anymore, I will need to reformat the drive and reinstall everything. That will take days, especially since it took me 2 days of downloading just to install AION, much less every other program on my computer. The reason it took 2 days is that, after downloading Step 1, I did start playing while the other 8 steps were downloaded. However, when I tried to play again later and clicked on "Start Playing" (on the Game Launcher) the next time after that, it did another 28GB download ("Verifying" it said), and it keep terminating on me, and I had to do the 28GB verify download over and over until it finally reached the 100% download mark and let me continue the game. Maybe with more RAM and Windows 7 the download would not be as bad. The message says to contact the "application's support team" about the error, and this is the only way I know how yet. Any help any of you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  12. I just started playing Aion free online and got Prestige Coins as an event gift. How do I use them? I talked with the NPCs in the capital and they said I need a Prestige Badge? I read that it is no longer available because the Prestige Pack is gone from the store. What do I do with the Prestige Coins they are giving me? With 20 they gave me, I bought the meal for the NPC from the Vending Machine and gave it to him, but I still could not join the Prestige Society. The display says I have 30 more, I think. How do I use them? How do I join the Prestige Society? Some of the stuff looks good to get.
  13. Prestige Pack?

    I just started playing Aion free online and got Prestige Coins as an event gift. How do I use them? I talked with the NPCs in the capital and they said I need a Prestige Badge? I read that it is no longer available because the Prestige Pack is gone from the store. What do I do with the Prestige Coins they are giving me? With 20 they gave me, I bought the meal for the NPC from the Vending Machine and gave it to him, but I still could not join the Prestige Society. How do I join the Prestige Society? Some of the stuff looks good to get.