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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 31, 2018

    WoW when will i learn, here i thought this update was going to be fun and all bought 90 pack and threw in another 50$ for Nccoin and we got this poop update im so disappointed i would refund if i could this is probably worst cash grab i have seen in years
  2. HP Regen while resting

    HP Regen while resting is same as it always was but back than we had 14-15k HP Max as Sin , now with 40k HP it takes forever and i mean Forever to fill hp bar can we scale it regen to our current HP this is really bad during sieges when you need to rejoin your alliance but you are stuck next to kisk sitting down for 4 minutes just to retgen HP
  3. And by Classic i dont mean pre 2.0 i dont think that pre 2.0 was better than 2.0-2.7. So WoW is opening soon their vanilla servers on retail and i have been playing wow for couple of months now (just canceled my sub) and thats where idea came from I love Aion to death every now and then there are only two games that i ever go back to and one of them is Aion (and CSGO) I spent lifetime playing during 2.x.x -3.x.x and i dont mean like today where it feels like a chore but i actually enjoyed game Sieges were fun world pvp was fun and pve was somewhat challenging, but it all went downhill from there i would go as far as to say that i wouldnt mind paying monthly like we used to before aion went "F2P" just to have those classic servers I might be alone in this but i feel like aion was more fun without Gunner,AT and SW