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  1. Intel i7 9900k Nvidia 2080ti 64 GB Ram
  2. yeah i think all the big kinah sellers are going to pay for multiple accounts to farm like crazy , they will make that money back in 1 transaction especially at start when kinah is going to be expensive
  3. This anything until new classes were added was good than it went downhill really quick
  4. man i used to use this back in day and for lazy farmer like myself this was a great help ❤️
  5. well thats a really bad take ," if you cant play dont play " if they pay the fee and software is doing nothing more than reduce lag i dont see the issue especially for such a well known software like WTfast or exitelag , i myself used Exitelag when i played on KR classic
  6. i think it will be even worse later in a day when most people come from work/school
  7. @Kibbelz are you planning to have twitch drop event? that would be awesome way to get new players in boost viewership on twitch and show game to new players who would never found it other way , because its like on 20-25th row on most viewed games list rn. i myself never streamed but i imagine that could be good boost for content creators as well. And because its a new start drops can be really small like 100k kinah for skillbooks , or few scrolls and potions and anything in between
  8. listen i hope the even do twitch drops like maybe some potions , few scrolls and even 100k kinah like small stuff but enough to make people watch, stream and pull aion on higher row on twitch so more people will discover it and maybe even decide to play
  9. it wasnt on forums it was on website itself it was something like na.aiononline.com/characters/ some character code
  10. good lets get word out there maybe some new kids are going to watch it and decide to play aion also
  11. Remember good old days when you could just go to aion website and look up any character you wanted? it would show you all of the information about that character it was like view details ingame only, you could do it from anywhere and even if that person had view detail dissabled i think it was a really awesome feature and would be nice if it comes back
  12. i think they will have titles and xb boosts / teas also in shop
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