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  1. @Kibbelz Maybe it would be easier if you guys, just update to the next patch 7.9 part 2 to get this Dungeon fix. OR create a TEST Server as many other games do, 1 week before a UPDATE, to address bugs and fixes.
  2. @KibbelzCan you share any info regarding the other Feautures of this 7.9 PATCH? When Part 2, 3, 4 or how many parts u guys divided the patch. I'm really looking for the new Ultimates and the new Apperance Change system for Transfomation. Can you share plz?
  3. @KibbelzIt the Apperance Transformation System of KOREAN SERVER in December 30 will come too? Please say yes! or dont even update it '-'
  4. And as far as I know, there are no Hacks no Bots and no Third Party programms that give players advantage.
  5. Do you even know how the game industry works? Cause u seem like a bootlicker or something. Yes we gonna complain that how this industriy works. If you dont like its fine u can post you dont like and go do another thing. But here are ppl that want fun out of this game. A good game but very bad administration. Aion is a business, a service for the community. We are on our right to complain cause some of us pay. And for the ones who dosnt, they are on the right to. Thats what a community is about. So you dont like this way of action? FINE! But dont you dare to make ppl stop
  6. @Cyan Let me see then. You are saying its hard code character transfer and sorry for the delay of it. But u didnt think about comunicating, as a community manager should do, this thing at the 13th of febuary, you thought it wasnt even worth it a post in this maintanance? Im ok with the delay, my point is you guys are like a black hole. You suck. You dont know how to communicate simple information to the community and thats why your game is going to the bottom of the ocean. You suck as a communicator.
  7. @Cyan Thats how you guys Administrate a game? Pretending you guys didnt sad January then Middle Febuary? Wow. How great GMs, Community Managers you guys are. Where is your boss so we can tell him to Fire you already?
  8. Again you pick a comment of the role topic and change the subject. Its not a about blame, or what game is taking attention. Its about Aion Community. Just stop. Ppl want to be respected, for their time, for their money, for their feedback, and for been a part of a community and not a slather house.
  9. Man i think u should backoff. We are trying to force a change, a new vision on how this bussiness works. If you can handle comming to the forum and seeing ppls frustration, u sir a welcome to go do something else. The community is trying to get the attention of this company so they know that this is a business to them, not a hobbie. Is their duty to keep it right, we are okay with things going wrong, what we are not ok is not having dates, info or even access to what tha reck is holding things down. If you dont like it, go u to another game or business, we want it better, we want our feed
  10. @Cyan I dont know if you know but have info, dates, schedule of updates its all game publishers job, and the CMs its to ask and know this kind of info to pass on to the community. NCSOFT is the only publisher that dosnt know what is on the update list. I'm sorry but this is your job not your hobbie as many of us have said.
  11. Well, well, well. I'm probably gonna be rude here, but I'm gonna say to you @Cyan what my Clients say to me on my job, cause this is YOUR JOB not your Hobbie. I'm officialy stopping to spend money on the game to keep it alive, not because I'm trying to be the Fattie boy that dont wanna let other kids play with his ball because he is not on the team, but because I PAY FOR A SERVICE YOU GUYS ARE PROVIDING AND ITS nyerk BAD! Yes! Your service on Publishing AION is bad! Is very very bad! On my job if we suck on it, we get alot of unhappy messages to spend the holidays with them on o
  12. Im gonna copy abnd paste this util we got a dev or @Cyan answer. Updated based on relevant comments. 1. Can we have the same enchantment success rates as korea have? If not why? And why you changed that? 2. Can you fix arenas ranking? If yes when? 3. Can you fix character eyes displayment? If yes when? 4. Can you raise the number of Legendary pvp Stones that come on the sieges and pvp instances to compensate the enchantment rate? If yes when? If no why? 5. Can you compensate the enchantment rate putting stones on blackcloud shop? 6. Can you put gp on arenas, and p
  13. I dont see cancer. A see a major part of the community reposting the same thing since november and no update about a lot of the issues. This makes peeps mad, cause they waste time, even money, and it seems they voice or text dosnt even make a sound.
  14. Like I sad we dont want player answers, we want @Cyan or dev or korean dev answers. But ty for the effort.
  15. As rank gives ap to, it becomes a thing ppl want so more ways to get gp is not much to ask. Like I sad these are questions not demmands. If u want to contribute to something, add stuff insted of just making nonsense.
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