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  1. Ncsoft needs to do a Aion Classic Server with all maps up to 5.8 with out the pay to win stuff that is unless other than it's mounts and boosts. But otherwise please bring back the aion that we all used to love. Over 258 players in our guild have all completely left the game looking for other games like aion. But nothing compares to pre-6.0. I'm the last one in our legion still holding on. Aion isn't the same with out eltnen and verteron it's just not aion its not even a shell of the old game. The game feels like it was raped and lobotomized completely. Everything that make aion special feels gone. I'd gladly pay $15 a month to play Aion Classic up to 5.8. That's Just my two cents. I played Aion from first beta all the way up to 6.0 then just not the same game anymore ...